The new generation of the Range Rover SUV debuts a hybrid with a different design

The new generation of the Range Rover SUV debuts a hybrid with a different design

After a decade without renewal, Range Rover rose from the ashes with its fifth generation. O SUV, which was launched this week at an exclusive event in the UK, came with the promise of advanced technology, performance and plenty of luxury. In other words, everything that the customer of the top SUV of the English brand was waiting for.

At the launch, along with combustion models, the English SUV was presented by hybrid version and another plugin hybrid. However, we also have confirmation that the model will come fully electric in 2024. In addition, the car will have two options: regular and SV (Special Vehicle), which has a unique finish.

”The new Range Rover is the perfect expression of our vision to create the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles for the most demanding customers. He is writing the next chapter in the unique story of pioneering innovation that has been a hallmark of Range Rover for more than 50 years. Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré.

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modern design

The brand revealed the next generation of utility and the idea of ​​a clean, elegant and modern look. Therefore, the model is not very innovative, despite bringing a futuristic suggestion in some details.

In the words of Automaker Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern, the new model has three lines that define the car as a whole. Thus, the SUV got square proportions and has a length of about 5.02 and 5.25 m. At that time, he has an average height of 2.95 m.

At the front, the grille got a new finish compared to previous versions. It still connects to the headsets, which were smaller and got LED lights. Even the lower front end is one of the details that changes from the regular version to the SV. However, big changes were behind. Inside, the headlights are part of a black niche that surrounds the silhouette of the model and incorporates the lights. This way, they can only be seen when they are lit.

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7 seat option

THE Land Rover he still decided to join the current trend which is 7-seater SUVs. In this version of the SUV, the wheelbase can be increased to 20 cm and the seats fit in the row. But, the new Range Rover is also available with 4 and 5 seats.

The way to transmit electricity

In celebration of 51 years, the carmaker is betting on the new Range Rover as the start of electrification, despite having petrol and diesel versions. The new generation was built on a platform called MLA-Flex, which can accommodate different engines, as well as make the transition from combustion engines to electric ones.

Starting with gasoline engines, the large luxury SUV has V8 with 530 horsepower, 76.4 mkgf of torque and 4.4 liters with turbocharging. Another option is the engine turbo 3.0 400 hp and 56.1 mkgf of torque. In the diesel version, the engines will be 300 and 350 hp, and 66 kgfm and 71.1 mkgf respectively.

In the hybrid options, the engine performance is very similar. In general, the engine belongs to 6 cylinders and produces 395 hp, connected to a 48V system. The plug-in combo comes with a 3-liter 6-cylinder, which gives 434 hp.

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List of technologies

In terms of technology, new Range Rover 2022 It comes with a huge list. The multimedia center, for example, is the Pivi Pro with a 13.1-inch screen. In addition, there is a 4-zone climate and, in the top version, two 11.4-inch screens on the seat backs, providing visibility to the passengers behind.

Also on the list, the new generation includes an automatic parking system, sunroof, Meridian Signature sound system, night vision camera, rear axle steering, among others. Finally, it is important to mention that aspect off the road maintained, with the help of electronic programs of the traction system.

Interior of SUV range rover
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First in Brazil?

In the UK, sales of the new generation SUV will begin in the first half of 2022. And, for those interested, the values ​​start from £ 94,400. That is, about R $ 723,000 in direct conversion. According to the brand, the forecast for the launch of the model here in Brazil was also set for next year, but, at the moment, there is no price forecast.

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