The new Citroen C3, made in Brazil, will arrive in 2022

The new Citroen C3, made in Brazil, will arrive in 2022

Citroën has had a good time in Brazil, especially in recent decades, when it launched the first generation C3, the Xsara Picasso minivan and the C4 Pallas sedan. But in recent years the brand has been declining in sales. The launch of the new C3 aims to change that situation and increase the importance of the French brand in Brazil.

The key to this was putting South American engineering in charge of the project. O New Citroen It is the first of three cars in a new family that will be delivered over the next three years, all made in South America.


A more modern base than the European Citroen C3

Despite sharing a name with the C3 launched in Europe in 2016, the new Brazilian model is completely different. The European car is built on the PF1 platform, similar to the first generation Peugeot 208, while Brazil will be built on the CMP architecture.

The segment that the C3 will compete with is that of compact hatchbacks. In it, he will compete with Volkswagen Polo, Fiat Argo, Renault Sandero, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix. While the Peugeot 208 is aimed more at the top, with a more modern interior, the C3 comes in at a lower price range with a more practical proposition.

The new Citroën’s 2.54m wheelbase is the same as that of the 208, but the bodywork is 3.98m long – being in the lower tax bracket for the Indian market. The 315 liter trunk is larger than that of almost all rivals, second only to the Sandero.

Urban commuter style

The new Citroen C3 is a hatchback, but it brings visual elements from the SUV to please the public. The strong braids on the fenders, the hood and the black plastic molding on the lower part of the car give the car an air of strength.

At the front is an optical assembly divided into two parts, which creates a signature with LED daytime running lights. Respecting the brand’s tradition of innovative designs is the option of a roof in a different tone of the body. Currently, only the combination of blue body with white roof and white body with orange roof was shown.

The SUV-led styling makes the C3 stand out in the segment. Competitors Argo, Sandero and HB20 have impressive offerings, but are positioned more at the top of the range. Citroën will bring an attractive model to a wide price range in the category, just as the Renault Kwid did among the subcompacts.

The interior of the Citroen C3 stands out

Interior space was criticized at the launch of the Peugeot 208, but Citroën seems to want to avoid this criticism in the new C3. The more vertical A-pillars provide a shorter panel, which results in better use of interior space.

Speaking of the dashboard, it is one of the most important aspects of the car. The C3 is designed for emerging markets, but that doesn’t mean the interior design has to be simple. A horizontal band with text and color is clearly visible. In the published images we can see this blue or orange band.

The air vents have a different design and the steering wheel is multi-functional. The multimedia center 10 is located on top of the panel, but there were no details on the features. In the shape of weather buttons there is a practical help to hold the mobile phone cable.

When does the new C3 hit the market?

citroen c3 2022 blue back top
A flat roof and more vertical A-pillars help with interior space

The manufacturer has planned the start of sales of the new Citroen C3 for the first quarter of 2022. Initially it should only come with the 1.6 16v engine also used in the C4 Cactus. The standard 1.0 Firefly engine will arrive later. A 1.3 aspirated and a 1.0 turbo have also been quoted for the future.

Regarding the price, our prediction is that the Citroën C3 will be lower than the Peugeot 208, following the prices of the Polo 1.6, Argo 1.3 and Onix Turbo.

Photo: Citroen | Disclosure

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