The new BMW 7 series is a movie theater with wheels

The new BMW 7 series is a movie theater with wheels

In the limousine section, it’s all about luxury, technology and gadgets. And fashion, right. But you may need a little more time to soak up the new BMW 7 Series.

Because it is not the photographer who enjoyed promoting around the grill and pasting the C4 Cactus optics around it. It’s proof, if needed, that if you don’t like their latest fashion guidelines, BMW doesn’t care. The original 7 Series was discussed, the M3 and M4 were controversial, the IX is weird, but the X7 that was smashed with the new Series 7 goes further.

With this amazing front face, we would almost forget the real story: Series 7 is now available in a 100% electronic version called i7. Where Mercedes has chosen to split its list transparently between the S-Class and EQS, BMW will produce one car, with or without batteries.

It is the i7 that will arrive as a scout by the end of 2022 in the generous version of xDrive60 and 544 hp via an electric motor on each axle, powered by a 101.7 kWh battery that promises up to 625 miles of independence. It will be connected in 2023 with six domestic electric cylinders: a 300-hp hybrid diesel (740d xDrive), and two 490 hp (750e xDrive) petrol hybrid engines and a 571 hp (M760e xDrive). Unfortunately, V8s will only be used in the United States and China. V12? Forget it, you hurt yourself.

Compared to the other side, the rear section is large but has a surprisingly low profile, next to the large BMW logo with a rear view camera. Previously available in two wheels, Series 7 will offer only one larger version 5.39 m (13 cm taller than the old body) on a 3.22 m (+ 1 cm) wheel. Width and height are up to 5 cm, respectively 1.95 m and 1.53 m. In other words, valets will deserve their tip.

Once inside, a panoramic tablet like dashboard is no longer a surprise since the iX, Series 2 Active Tourer and redesigned X7. No: The main attraction of the show is a large 8-inch 8K screen that pops up from the ceiling to the rear seats, with the car hiding its windows to improve the atmosphere and unfortunately avoid distracting other drivers. Hans Zimmer, please. This screen is controlled via small touch screens attached to the door panels, and linked to Bowers & Wilkins hi-fi.

Small touches are evident in the army, from the crystalline box and seat cushions, to the passenger seat that can be folded down to maximize space in the right rear seat, up to Level 3 for free driving.

Ditto on the reverse side between the rear steering wheel and the active roll-off. “It is the right car that can be driven like a real BMW, despite its weight [2,7 t pour l’i7, NDLR] emphasizes project manager Robert Kahlenberg. However, the BMW 7 Series does not use carbon fiber, unlike its predecessor or iX.

Power, productivity, technology, luxury, Series 7 therefore provides for all aspects. It is produced even more ecologically than ever before due to the high level of raw materials processed in its construction, and the increased use of renewable energy in its historic factory in Dingolfing.

But the question remains: will you be able to go beyond physical?

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