The most interesting facial expressions

The most interesting facial expressions

The function of the car generally has two phases and, half, re-adjust. Depending on the commercial results, but also the desire of the manufacturer, the latter may be greater or less. In this article, we will focus on cosmetic operations, the results of which are obvious. Those that have changed the car in question without changing the last class into a best-seller.

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Different scenarios

The fourth generation Mercedes E-Class W212 appeared in 2009 with a unique shape.
In 2013, he picks up a more water bow. Very rare changes to the brand.

There are several cases. A car whose beak no longer conforms to the beauty identity of the time, for example, must do its best to keep up with other frequencies. We correctly consider the case of the Mercedes Class W212 (see above). Closer to home, a variety of Opel renovates what is known as the Vizor grille on the redesign and launch of new designs.

The return of grace to the unloved?

Fiat Multipla phase 2
Beginning in 2004, the brand sought to give it a more formal style.

There are also badly born cars, such as Citroën Visa, BMW Series 7 E65 “Bangle” from 2001 or Fiat Multipla. Too many bodybuilders felt unappreciated by public opinion and that their designers had to start the line as soon as possible. Finally, there is the case, which is generally accepted as a mid-term change as in the Citroen DS3, DS4 and DS5 leaving the chevron thigh of two to form, as soon as possible, and in the present way, a variety of DS manufacturer.

Citroen DS3
In 2010, the Citroen DS3 was seen as a three-door cousin and C3 athlete.
In 2016, it changed the brand and moved to DS with a better or less integrated grille.

While the adjustment is done in the background …

Audi A6 type C6 phase 1
In 2004, the Audi A6 C6 retained its predecessor square lights.
Audi A6 type C6 phase 2
In 2008, it adorned itself with lighting in two parts. This provides width visually.

But let’s not forget the rear parts adjustment as well. In this category is the Audi A6 Sedan type C6, which adopted two-dimensional mid-range headlights, the most satisfying and most suitable for those of other models in the range, including the A4 below. The BMW 1 Series, then more recently the Volkswagen Polo, have also done this.

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