The Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport invaded the Ilhabela Sailing Week

The Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport invaded the Ilhabela Sailing Week

August 4, 2022

THE The 49th Ilhabela International Sailing Week (SIVI) ended last weekend with a activation unprecedented.

THE the biggest sea competition in South America always their marks starting points and furs.

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But, in this version, “boya” was an example of Photo of L200 Triton Sport, placed inside open sea.

THE brand experience bold was done for highlighting Mitsubishi Motors as the oldest sponsor of eventand 29 consecutive years of relationship with SIVI.

THE 2023 L200 Triton Sport pickup was parked on a 10×3 meter platform and pulled with the help of a the boat border where to start of competition.

THE L200 Triton Sport 2023 indicated the beginning of the third regattas held on Sunday, July 24, the first day of the competition.

In addition to marking where to start for about 115 boats of various categories, the example he stayed inside open sea between the 22nd and 24th and drew the attention of thousands of people at sea and on land.

“This step reinforces the whole lifestyle of daring and outside the standards that our brand has. Mitsubishi goes far beyond the products it sells to its customers,” he said. Letícia Mesquita, marketing director at Mitsubishi Motors.

“A car at sea is something that has never been seen during a sea competition in Brazil. Congratulations to Mitsubishi Motors for an action that attracted the attention of not only the competitors, but also all those who followed the event”, he added. Cuca Sodré, organizer of the Ilhabela Sailing Week.

Despite Lift up for in the sea as a starting point, Mitsubishi Motors had a great presence in the event and a space placed right at the door of Ilhabela Yacht Clubheadquarters of the tournament, where Eclipse cross it is Pajero game.

Three diamond points also gave naming rights a competition held during the event, celebrated with special awards for the competitors.

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