The Mercedes C63 AMG makes its revolution and becomes a plug-in hybrid

The Mercedes C63 AMG makes its revolution and becomes a plug-in hybrid

The sportier C-Class becomes a plug-in hybrid. This new 63 SE Performance combines a four-cylinder with an electric block, all for 680 hp!

Long resist or cross the Rubicon. If the last Mustang chose the first option, the more sporty C-Class decided to adopt an electric current. The Mercedes-AMG 63 version thus becomes a plug-in hybrid!

Forget the big 4.0 liter V8. Instead, Mercedes dares a straight four-cylinder 2.0, with an electrically assisted turbo. It advertises here 476 hp, a four-cylinder record. But it is associated with an electric block of 150 kW, or 204 hp. Special feature: this block, equipped with a two-speed gearbox, is located at the back.

This meeting allows you to clear the higher power. While it was 510 hp on the old C63 S, now it reaches 680 hp! Maximum torque is 1020 Nm. It is enough to get stupid performance with a family sedan (or rest, this body is also available): 0 to 100 km / h is sent in 3.4 seconds. In the basic configuration, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. The limit can be increased to 280 km / h.

This C-Class has “4Matic+” all-wheel drive. An electric brake drives the rear wheels, but it can also drive the front ones. So you can drive the car with all four-wheel drive (up to 125 km / h). The 63 version opts for a smaller, 6.1 kWh battery. This prevents gaining weight, this battery (voltage 400V) already weighs 89 kg.

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The brand thinks. It was not a question of making a distance record in electricity, there is a C300 e for that, but of having a battery that stores and recovers energy quickly. It is also used to dissolve CO2 compounds. Mercedes claims to deliver 156 g/km, which will give France a slight penalty in terms of power.

Dynamic damping and rear wheel steering are common. The driver will be able to configure many technical settings according to various standards and programs. The screen and head-up display therefore get special AMG displays.

When the engine changes, the appearance does not betray the electric side! The more powerful C-Class retains a lively appearance, with large air intakes or a grille with vertical bars. A discreet slot appears on the hood. From the rear, the 63 can be recognized by its four angular exhaust tips (they are round on the 43). Note that compared to the classic C, the height gains 8 cm!

Prices are not yet known.

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