the market crashes again, prices rise

the market crashes again, prices rise

-19% last July and -15.8% again during the month that has just ended, the used car market continues to collapse in our country. This is it 70,000 new units that have been reduced again, and 38,252 transactions were recorded last August in France..

Equality of concern

And, in this regard, no age group is preserved, except “15 years and over” (-1%) who, with 95,809 units, do better than the new market (91,411 units). “The imbalance between supply and demand is still very worrying higher prices (+7.5% since the beginning of this year) which pushes more and more consumers to turn to older, more polluting and fuel-efficient cars.“, also commented Vincent Hancart, CEO of AutoScout24 France to our colleagues from

The second-hand market is still very low in 2022. On the other hand, the average price continues to rise!© Yayimages

French, and others

For details, about used cars less than 5 years oldwhich represents the heart of professional activity, they lost 24.3% of their volume, or 38,000 units, after -29% in July. ! The age group that affects the French brands in particular, each losing more than 27%. However, it is the brands Ford, Fiat, Nissan and Opel, used in the past to make many VN tactical registrations (LCD and VD) that suffer the most, losing more than 33% of their volume last month in France.

Dacia protests

In the first eight months of this year, the market for used cars less than 5 years old therefore lost almost 300,000 units in our region, that is, a drop of 20.3% over the same period a year earlier. saving only Toyota (+0.4%) and Hyundai (+5%) among brands with more than 0.3% of the market. The market for used cars over 5 years old was reduced by 260,000 units from January 1 to August 31, i.e. 9.3% of its volume. Finally, only the Franco-Romanian brand Dacia still shows positive results (+1.5%).