the manufacturer’s first electric car

the manufacturer’s first electric car

Toyota and Lexus are pioneers in hybrids but the two manufacturers have been quick to focus on electronics. After launching the Toyota BZ4X, the Japanese group launches the Lexus RZ 450e, which is the first electric car of the premium brand.

Fascinating interior

Let’s start with what is most interesting about this Lexus RZ 450e, which is its interior. Indeed, this car, like its Toyota BZ4X cousin, can receive a Yoke-type steering wheel. Appearing for the first time in a row on the Tesla Model S Plaid, this type of steering wheel resembles an airplane rod that is somewhat impressive. Its use is enabled by the “One Motion Grip” which is Steer-by-wire steering, meaning that it matches the speed that allows you to turn the steering wheel slightly to drive.

This interior also has a 14-inch screen, a lower station cone than Toyota, digital equipment and a Lexus + Safety System which, along with risk warning and collision prevention helps prevent driver fatigue and inconvenience.

Further external agreements

Since this Lexus RZ 450e shares its platform with Subaru Solterra and Toyota BZ4X, the design could have been closer but in fact Lexus decided to opt for a more conventional design, certainly hunting on the land of German manufacturers.

This is not to say that this design leaves you indifferent, with a full two-tone grille covered with L-signed lamps. each end. Stable 4m80 car design installed between Lexus NX and RX.

Motorization is already known

It really isn’t the first electronic proposal from the Lexus brand. Indeed, the UX300e is already powered by electricity. However, the RZ is the first model designed for electric motors only. At launch, this SUV uses the UX300e engine with two e-Axle motors on both axles. They supply their power with a 4-wheel drive system called DIRECT4 capable of fully balancing the power sent to each wheel. These two engines produce 230kW or 313 horsepower and 415Nm of torque (150kW front and 80kW rear).

It has a 71.4kWh battery that gives it a range of over 400km (WLTP frequency) according to Lexus. This looks back but Lexus is placing a bet on the durability of its equipment. The Japanese hope that 90% of cars can save their battery after 10 years of use.


At the moment, Lexus does not indicate the price of this RZ 450e, however it is very likely that it will be over € 60,000 and will not benefit from ecological benefits. Preliminary orders have been open since April 20. It is currently not possible to configure it with the One Motion Gray operation which will arrive in 2023.

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