“The Man Who Wanted to Be Rita Cadillac” at Cine Joia, Copacabana

“The Man Who Wanted to Be Rita Cadillac” at Cine Joia, Copacabana

The television shows of Cassino do Chacrinha were certainly an important stage in the 80s. In addition to musical performances and shows of new people, the attraction was also known for its good stage assistants: the famous chacretes. And, among more than 500 women who participated in the program, it was the irreverent Rita Cadillac, the inspiration of the game. “The Man Who Wanted to Be Rita Cadillac”.

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of Tartufaria, the comedy of Márcio Américo, directed by Fábio Guará and the artistic direction of Ricardo Blat will return to the stage of Rio on Saturday, February 12, at 8 pm at Cine Joia, in Copacabana, where it continues until the 26 .the same month.

Tartufaria de Atores emerged from a group of young actors who dreamed of being on stage in Rio de Janeiro, Cia. he always chose texts whose titles evoke a sense of wonder, such as “The Man Who Wanted to Be Rita Cadillac”, the group’s first release.

Experienced actors and considered promises of national comedy take the stage, such as: Celso Jardim, Daniel Bouzas, Andrey Lopes, Fábio Guará, Patryk Moura and Eduardo Cravo, with the special participation of Carol Zanqui.

The plot is based on the story of Clovão, a poor Brazilian who lives in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and has a platonic love for Rita Cadillac. And precisely because of this feeling, Clovão decides to enter the world of crime. The goal: to become rich and give Rita a luxurious life. For that, he and his friend Ricardinho decide to rob a bank, however, the plan fails and Clovão is arrested. While in prison, he meets Jotalhão, a famous romantic man from the 70s who makes the story even more unusual and, of course, funny.

Filled with absurd cartoon situations, the game has been playing since 2011 and has already been distributed in several Brazilian cities. The show has hints of political humor and a special tone.

The author

Márcio Américo is a playwright, comedian, journalist, screenwriter, cartoonist for TV, radio and stand-up comedy. Among his main works is “Boys from Kichute” (2000). He was born in Londrina, Paraná, but has lived in São Paulo since 2000, when he started working as a comedy writer on TV Gazeta, Bandeirantes and Rede TV.

In the show directed by the actor Fábio Guara, Clovão is a man who has long been fueling the desire to conquer Rita Cadillac, of whom he is a fan. With a lover, his friend Ricardinho, Clovão ends up putting his feet in his hands. He is deceived and ends up in prison. While in prison, he meets Jotalhão, a singer who begins to help him in unraveling an escape plan inspired by a thriller television show.

Text: Márcio Américo
Direction: Fábio Guara
Send: Celso Jardim, Daniel Bouzas, Andrey Lopes, Fábio Guara, Patryk Moura, Eduardo Cravo. Special participation: Carol Zanqui
artistic management: Ricardo Blat
Location: Cine Joia – Av. Our grandmother. de Copacabana, 680 – Copacabana
The season: Saturday – from 12 to 26 February, 20 hours
Ability: 84 seats
Time: 60 minutes
Classification: 14 years
Price: R$ 40.00 whole, R$ 20.00 half
Proof of vaccination must be submitted.