The luxury market is not in trouble: look at the sales figures of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley…

The luxury market is not in trouble: look at the sales figures of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley…

Italian automakers see luxury segment sales break sales records, accelerating even amid global inflation and no signs of global economic slowdown.

The famous and prestigious company Ferrari, hit a historical record on its financial statement in the second quarter of 2022, all this due to the high demand for its cars. The trend is for the company to deliver positive new results for the accumulated estimates of 2022.

The automaker’s situation was slightly affected by the global impact on chains, losses that affected several other automakers around the world, and lack of equipment and spare parts/production. However, due to the low volume of sales, the Italian company Ferrari has been able to see opportunities and work at a higher limit than usual, but within the reality of the world production market.

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Factors such as the desire to own a Ferrari, for example the 296 GTB in the garage and the number of wealthy people who stopped saving money, opening their wallets to buy a classic Italian machine, led to an increase of 29%. , this means more than 3,400 pieces compared to the second quarter of last year.

With the increase in sales and production volume, the company has been able to increase its income by almost 25%, in this case, compared to its income of 1.3 billion euros, the net profit of the company increased by 22% in this short period, about 251 million. of euros.

Ferrari CEO Bendetto Vigna said the following: “The quality of these six months and the stability of our business allow us to revise the 2022 forecast in all dimensions”. Ferrari’s results this second quarter show everyone that the luxury market has not slowed down, even in the face of many conflicts and signs of recession.

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Despite Ferrari Other luxury car makers have also shown good results this year, so far lamborghini, which is controlled by Volkswagen, has already delivered its best first half in history. Its sales increased by 5% and income increased by 30.6%, now reaching 1.3 billion Euros, with the profit from its activities also increased by around 69.6% and now represents around 425 million Euros.

The other ship also responded, as well Bentley which is controlled by Audi, presented in the first half of 2022 an operating profit of 398 million euros, the sales of the brand were almost 3% higher than those of the same period of 2021, in units there would be 7,4 thousand more installations. market.

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