The LG OLED TV is much cheaper today

The LG OLED TV is much cheaper today

In Friday’s daily edition, Saturn sets the price for the LG OLED 55 A19 LA up to 849 Euro. OLED TV from series A costs about 1,600 euros from the manufacturer. However, 899 euros from before the start of the offer in Saturn should be used as the best comparison price. So a stupid 50 euro discount?

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No, because you can combine an offer with another offer that reduces the price one step further. Thanks to special editions in the voucher booklet that works at the same time, there is still a fixed rate of 10 percent of direct deductions on LG OLED televisions in Satellite. This hidden discount will be redeemed automatically, but only on the shopping cart.

So stop at the end distorted but cheap euro 764.10 on bills. This will cost you less than 800 euros for a 55-inch model with OLED imaging technology, especially since there are no delivery costs (otherwise € 29.90).

For many discounts, you will get the LG OLED TV at the best price.

Television currently does not have an affordable price on the internet. More traders On the one hand, they charge fewer euros than Saturn and, on the other hand, sometimes increase the shipping costs.

LG OLED at a low price: That’s what you can expect

A few things can already be identified from the selection of LG TV: The most obvious features of the LG OLED 55 A19 LA are its image technology. With OLED, each pixel is illuminated individually, which enhances contrast, adds black value and ensures a clearer picture overall. 55 shows screen size in inches. From bottom left to top right, the TV is 139 inches high.

With the “A19 LA” finish, the TV fits into the LG OLED keyboard. Series A is considered to be an entry level series compared to models B and C, which are also more expensive (there is also a cheaper version of C in the voucher booklet).

Enough Theory: In the daily version you get a large OK TV with 4K quality and smart TV features with webOS 6.0, which supports all the important streaming service applications. Technically, the TV offers 60 Hertz entertainment, supports HDR10 Pro and offers ample space for peripheral devices with three HDMI 2.0 ports. All HDMI positions have eARC capabilities. The television produces audio through two 10-watt speakers in 2.0 system. This is a little thin, but typical for flat screen TVs. For more, you should get a loudspeaker or a larger system.

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