The Lexus LC gets a new (minor) aero-inspired body kit

The Lexus LC gets a new (minor) aero-inspired body kit

IInspired by aviation, there is a new rear wing that could be part of the Lexus LC Coupé. Launched in Europe, note that the wing made of carbon fiber coated plastic will only be available through the Lexus Bespoke Build program.

As Lexus explained in a statement, the rear wing resulted from a close collaboration with Yoshihide “Yoshi” Muroya, aerobatics experimenter, and winner of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2017.

Talking in more detail about the rear wing in question, this is made of synthetic polymer reinforced with carbon fibers, developed together with Muroya. Light, very stiff and elegant, it improves aerodynamic performance and makes driving faster. The design was inspired by “wing tip waves that affect the structure of wings in jet aircraft.”

Laminated in carbon fiber and epoxy resin with a hollow base, after baking in the autoclave, the woven texture appears with a lacquered finish. In terms of width, the new LC wing is about 2 meters.

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