The Legrand Group will distribute the new brand

The Legrand Group will distribute the new brand

By starting the distribution of cars with Ford in 1975, Jacques Legrand certainly did not think that this decision would guide the future of his family for several generations. In his wake, his sons George and Frederick, opened the seller BMW-Mini and Opel in Alençon (61) in 1982. Over the years, opportunities have flourished with these two brands: Flers, Argentan (61), Laval (53), then Le Mans (72). 2001 marks Chevrolet’s reunion at Le Mans. In 2009, Mazdas and Suzukis strengthened the group’s commercial activities in Flers, Rennes (35) and Saint-Brieuc (22). Finally, since March 2022, the group has also included in its portfolio brands Alfa Romeo, Jeep and MG in Le Havre (76). This acquisition therefore brings 16 the total number of car dealerships spread across the northwest quarter of France.

Two-wheeled adventures

If Georges and Frédéric Legrand still maintain their status as presidents in equal shares, Eric Legrand includes the third generation within the family business. Intended for a career in marketing and communication, he finally joined the structure in 2019 as a general manager, bringing his experience in these fields, as well as fresh ideas. On January 1, 2020, he participated for the first time in the diversification of activities by forming the bottom of the vessel. Motorway, branch dedicated to motorcycles and urban mobility, creativity and sports. Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa or KTM are among the nine motorcycle brands sold. This section now has five areas (Le Mans, Nantes, Rennes, Brest and Tours) and will join Caen (14) next year. The goal is to create a dozen more by 2027 to claim a large enough network “to be one of the leading motorcycle distributors in France, Says Eric Legrand. There is less concentration in this market than in car dealerships, so anything is possible. For this year, this activity will represent 27 million euros in sales. The third supplier of France is 65 million euros. Within three years we should reach 50 million”.

To meet this ambition, the entrepreneur established two different executive committees last June. Dedicated to the group’s automotive and motorcycle activities, their goals are to deploy a common vision and coordination to match their future internal development.

Get out of the way

Homogeneity, will be important because the operator has plannedexpand your catchment area in the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023. New cities and new brands will soon join the group. “There is still nothing official, but we are aiming for strong external growth and the opening of many sales points in the Great West. It is for this reason that we have changed our top organization, to prepare for this future growth”. Through these future purchases, the group hopes to achieve 180 million euros in sales in 2022 and expects 250 million euros in 2024.

Already distributing the Opel brand, the general manager does not hide his intentions strengthen the relationship with Stellantis. “This is mainly explained by their logic of reducing the costs of structures due to the establishment of several brands within the same showroom, he continues. For example, we took Opel in Le Havre but initially there was no Jeep and Alfa Romeo so Stellantis gave us the opportunity to bring them together to ensure the possibility of a project with Opel in this city”.

Smart tools in the service of performance

More than just a distributor, Éric Legrand sees himself as an entrepreneur. So he returned to his first love by deploying, with the help of a team of 25 developers, several intelligent software programs specialized in marketing, online customer relations, vehicle management and mobility. UpYourBizz, eKonsilio, Contact’Up, UpYourLeads and Lexxy therefore they were tested, then used daily within the group, before being released for sale. “Our strength is moving forward at the same time between the evolution of the group, the situation that is changing and creating programs to deal with it. This allows us to be flexible, reactive and analyze the market opportunities that arise for us”. Lexxy will be available in the market from September 1st.

In 2021, the Legrand group exceeded 2,500 sales of new cars from the BMW, Mini, Opel, Suzuki and Mazda brands, and almost reached the registration of 3,400 used cars, as well as 1,200 motorcycles. It is sufficient to show the combined sales of 137 million euros.