The last chapter of the novel ‘Mwanzo’ has Jacob’s death after seeing Yusuf?

The last chapter of the novel ‘Mwanzo’ has Jacob’s death after seeing Yusuf?

The reunion of José (Juliano Laham) with his father, Jacó (Petronio Gontijo), will mark the final chapters of the novel “The Beginning”. The old man sees his favorite son again after the other heirs come to Egypt to look for food because of the drought and discover that the governor of the area is Joseph. It is in this way that, when they return to the camp of the Hebrews, they confess to Jacob that their brother is alive and that he was sold, many years before, as a slave.

But unlike the portrayal of “José do Egito” (2013), the main character (Ricky Tavares/Angelo Paes Leme in the production) does not cry much over the death of his father (Celso Frateschi in the original version), he shows the found document. for clean people. The script distributed to the cast and crew only indicates Jacó’s death at the age of 147 in the scene that will air on November 15.

After having an emotional union with his father, José sees his sister, Diná (Giovana Coimbra), and Zilpa (Karina Barum), Jacob’s servant and the mother of two of the old man’s 13 children. In that sequence, the son of Isaac (Henri Pagnoncelli) is taken to the room of Sheshi (Fernando Pavão) and blesses the pharaoh. In another incident, Jacob meets Asenath (Letícia Almeida) and her grandsons Manasseh and Ephraim, sons of the governor.

The last chapter of the novel ‘Genesis’: God speaks about the 12 tribes of Israel

The original chapter asks that after a certain period the Hebrews celebrate in Egypt the presence of Joseph’s family. And it is during this ceremony that Herit (Yana Sardenberg) and Shareder (Paulo Verlings) will reveal their results to the public. After a Hebrew-style party, José and Judah (Thiago Rodrigues), then Muriel’s (Rhaisa Batista) widower, embrace and say they love each other.

One of Jacob’s last shows will show a happy hundred years with his children and grandchildren. The events will no longer have dialogue and will be linked to a clip with God (voice of Flávio Galvão) describing the creation of the 12 tribes of Israel. “Joseph stayed in Egypt, he and his father’s house, until his last days,” says the Creator.

The last chapter of the novel ‘Genesis’: the arrival of Moses

Finally, Jacob will be seen blessing his grandchildren on the side of José and the governor himself, who will not appear in front, as shown in the text. In this part of the chapter, the viewer will already (re)see the sequence from the previous six phases (Adam and Eve/Flood/Tower of Babel/Ur of the Chaldeans/Abraham/Jacob) such as when Abraham was challenged to kill his son. Isaac.

The chapter ends with a man calling Moses to save the Hebrews, serving as a hook for the “Ten Commandments” recap (2015 and 2016). The next unreleased episode, “Reis”, will premiere in 2022, but it will be filmed and Thais Pacholek will be seen with black hair in the version that will deal with characters like David and Salomão.