The Land Rover Defender is now a small diesel hybrid and costs BRL 708,000

The Land Rover Defender is now a small diesel hybrid and costs BRL 708,000

such as pickups Ford F-150O Land Rover Defender was shown this past week at agricultural exhibition, the largest exhibition in the agricultural sector in Brazil, held in Ribeirão Preto (SP). Presented as a 2023 line, the luxury SUV from english print now has two new versions in Brazil: X and X Dynamic HSE. The main novel is the diesel option, which is now electric, and a set of mild hybrids. In dealers, it has an initial price of R$ 708,950.

Both in the 90 and 110 configuration (two and four doors), the engine produces 300 hp. It is connected to an inverter that works like an electric motor to provide more energy efficiency. In this way, it uses the engine cycle to generate electric current, and recovers the energy when the car decelerates. Therefore, it charges a 48 Volt lithium battery.

Defender 2023, however, also comes with significant technological improvements. As usual, it comes with the InControl Telematics system, which, in short, allows monitoring and control of the vehicle’s condition through software. That is, it is connected.

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With adaptive cruise control as standard on all versions (another new addition to the 2023 line), luxury jeep It has a system that sets the distance from the vehicle in front. In addition, blind spot support and reversing support are in the package. The suspension (air) can be changed by smart. The unit is capable of monitoring the vehicle’s movements 500 times per second to ensure maximum comfort on board. The Terrain Response 2 traction system and transparent hood technology complete the list.


The design of the future – fortunately – remains the same. Land Rover, meanwhile, has kept a few styling cues in the X and X Dynamic HSE versions. Highlight it with a contrasting roof in black tones, gloss black details on the bumpers and sides, and new 20 wheels. The latter has a diamond color with dark gray details.

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In the X version, a black hood, red brake calipers and dark rear lights are added. On the inside, it has a new 11.4-inch center screen and climate-controlled seats upholstered in premium leather. The latter comes in Vintage Tan brown or black in the X version. On the X Dynamic HSE and HSE, there are five variants of Wao. they are: Black, Vintage Tan Brown, Oyster Grey, Acorn Beige and Khaki Brown.

Check out the prices for the 2023 Land Rover Defender range below:

90 D300 HSE – BRL 708,950
110 D300 HSE – BRL 725,950
110 D300 X-Dynamic HSE – BRL 743,950
Defend 110 D300 X – BRL 800,950

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