‘The key to Mercedes’ improvement has been consistency’

‘The key to Mercedes’ improvement has been consistency’

The Austrian GP marked another step in Mercedes’ response this season. For the third race in a row, Lewis Hamilton took the podium and was third. George Russell, who made a recovery run, crossed the finish line in fourth place. A string of good results cheers the German team, who may not be competing with Red Bull and Ferrari, but are far from the reliability problems of the start of the year.

In Live F1 with Seixas and Flaviois distributed by UOL Esporte immediately after the Formula 1 race, journalists Fábio Seixas and Flavio Gomes commented on Mercedes’ growth in recent races. Commentators highlighted the team’s discipline as its greatest strength.

“In the last three races, Mercedes got more points than Red Bull in two. It was 27-25 in Canada and 33-31 in Austria, and the weekend that Verstappen won the qualifying race. In other words: a lot. The key for Mercedes has been consistency. . It doesn’t have a car to beat Ferrari and Red Bull at speed,” noted Seixas.

After last season’s goal, the Mercedes drivers are showing a very normal performance. Of the eleven races played so far, Hamilton and Russell have been outside the points zone just once each – the seven-time champion was 13th at the Emilia-Romagna GP, while his teammate did not finish the British GP after being involved in a crash. . Apart from retiring at Silverstone, Russell finished every other race in the top five.

Seixas highlighted the exemplary moment from this Sunday’s race at the Red Bull Ring, when Verstappen passed Hamilton without much effort. For the author of UOL, this is the reality of Mercedes, which cannot compete with the two main rivals, but is distinguished by its reliability.

“Today it was clear when Verstappen arrived at Hamilton and passed it as he wanted. It was easy. It didn’t remind us of the fight we had last year between these same drivers. Red Bull and Ferrari have the fastest cars in Formula 1, without a shadow of a doubt. Doubts, but Mercedes is a team that has always arrived, with its two drivers”, said Seixas.

Gomes also highlighted the changes to the Mercedes cars, which reduced hurry up and they don’t bounce too much on the track. “Hamilton was behind Leclerc by 41 seconds. He is not fighting to win, but it is the basis of consistency and reliability. He started the championship badly, with a problematic car, and little by little he has been improving. He did well at Silverstone and now. in Austria, but still far and the performance of Red Bull and Ferrari cars”, observed the UOL reporter.

Russell’s recovery throughout the Austrian GP proves how well Mercedes have done to fix their flaws, as highlighted by Gomes. “Mercedes is improving. Russell raced. The stewards found him guilty of touching Pérez at the start of the race and he paid the penalty. He even changed the nose of the car. He got back there, with a lot of difference. to the others. He managed to climb the pack and take fourth place. That Mercedes since the beginning of the year it’s over. It’s not pathetic, it’s small, but it’s still not fighting to win the race. The car doesn’t fly very much with Hamilton and Russell. They should make the most of the opportunities they have,” he added.

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