The jump in new prices is causing problems

The jump in new prices is causing problems

Not only at the regular gas station, many drivers are currently grieving over rising fuel costs and are enjoying even the smallest discount for a tank. For electric car drivers, the price spiral continues to turn. Current payments for electronic cars are becoming increasingly expensive. And it is difficult for a month to pass without one of the major service providers presenting new electricity charging prices at its charging stations. Tesla drivers are very difficult during these months. Now they have to swallow the price increase using the Tesla SuperCharger again in 2022.

Tesla SuperCharger: A third price rise in 2022 is here

It was only in April that Tesla increased the price per kilowatt (kWh) charged at its SuperCharger charging stations to 50 to 52 cents, depending on location. It was the second price increase in 2022. Now, more than a month later, additional payments will follow. Tesla drivers are exchanging information on social media about the fact that 56 to 58 cents per kWh has recently been charged to SuperChargers.

Assuming an increase from 50 cents to 56 cents per kWh, this would be in line with the 12 per cent price increase. Tesla should not like it at all. Tesla is approaching a high price slowly but at a rate of 79 cents per kWh known from Ionity fast charging stations.

EnBW is now cheaper than Tesla

At new prices, direct billing through Tesla is now more expensive than through offers mobility + from EnBW. There, only 55 cents per kWh is charged for charging at DC and HPC charging stations (Ionity not included). However, the final price increase for EnBW was a few months ago. Accordingly, it cannot be ruled out that the energy supplier from Karlsruhe will follow suit in the near future and also increase the prices of its current tariffs.

Worldwide, the Tesla SuperCharger network has over 30,000 units. However, only a small portion of them can be found at the moment in Germany – especially near roads. An interactive map with all available locations via the home page founder of the American electric car.

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