The Jeep Renegade has been on the road for a year, touring Brazil.  Do you want to be a ‘CFO’?

The Jeep Renegade has been on the road for a year, touring Brazil. Do you want to be a ‘CFO’?

There is an open space there in the Jeep that can attract many people. As soon as he submitted Rebellion 2022, with improved looks and a new 1.3 turbo flex engine, the brand announced it was looking for a “CFO”. That is, in the corporate world, the acronym refers to the position of finance director (Chief Financial Officer, in English). But in this case, the proposal is not related to money, spreadsheets and long meetings. The abbreviation refers to “Chief Freedom Officer“- or Director of Freedomin free translation.

In fact, it is one of the advertising actions of Jeep Renegade 2022. But the brand will hire someone who will be brand ambassador and leading digital influencer. Your main task will be to post regularly about your car journeys for a year. Yes, he will get a salary. The total payment will be 150 thousand reais – not less than 12.5 thousand reais per month.

Application and interview

Jeep’s idea is carry out the actual selection process, which has a partnership with 99Jobs. There will be video interviews, as well as group dynamics and interviews with the board. Anyone interested will get all the information to register Applications are due by February 25.

Advertising / Jeep

To participate, you must be over 18 years oldtoo have a driver’s license (cannot be temporary). It is also important to be familiar with the content of social networks. That is, the candidate must be able to take photos, film and edit videos, as well as write posts.

A brand doesn’t have to look for a celebrity. That’s what Livia Lanzoni, Head of Creative Strategy at Fbiz agency, says, collaboration in creating the Jeep Renegade stage. According to him, above all, the search is for a “genuine person, passionate about adventure and seeking freedom”.

Content in all genres

According to Jeep, the theme of the content should revolve around the theme of the events, as well as the nature, the nature of the brand. One of your main missions will be to discover new places. However, the content must also pass in such areas art, music and technology.

“While many people dream of quitting their jobs to be able to travel and live new experiences, CFO Jeep will be chosen to live fully independent,” says Frederico Battaglia, Communications and Marketing Director of Stellantis Latin America. Finally, according to him, it will be a way to personalize the “spirit of Jeep.”

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