The green insurance sticker will disappear in 2023

The green insurance sticker will disappear in 2023

Bruno le Maire, the Economy Minister revealed that the green insurance sticker would disappear “in 2023”.

It will disappear from our windshields. Indeed, after a meeting with representatives of the insurance industry and mutual insurance, the Minister of Economy Bruno le Maire announced that the green sticker will disappear during 2023. This will prevent the sending of 50 million documents every year. Until now, that was the cost of this little green piece of paper that you had to put on your windshield to legally drive. However, it will have to be replaced by something, but not in paper form.

Another file will take over. Indeed, the file of insured vehicles, available to the police, will replace the green sticker by ensuring that soldiers and police can continue to carry out inspections in an efficient and proper manner. Therefore, they will get information related to the contracts of the insured and thus they will know whether each car they inspect has insurance or not.

Easy to set?

Therefore, this centralized and digital file is more reliable than insurance documents that can be forged. Law enforcement agencies are already using it more often than relying on a sticker. In other words, the interest of this little piece of green paper is very limited. So the insurance proposal has been heard by the government and this popular sticker should disappear by next year.

By the way, Bruno le Maire went back to another point about insurance: “I asked the insurer to make an effort to reduce the average level of insurance premiums below inflation, to prevent prices from rising”. The question remains: Will the French really recognize it?