The Gol Final Edition will have an Orbital wheel and a price of more than R,000

The Gol Final Edition will have an Orbital wheel and a price of more than R$90,000

VW Gol is one of the longest standing domestic cars in our market. To date, it has been 42 years of uninterrupted production, with a diversity of models, engines and versions. The Gol GTI, for example, was credited with launching electronic fuel injection and an advanced electronic ignition system in Brazil.

But now it’s time to say goodbye and celebrate the long career of its champion, Volkswagen will make a farewell series, the Gol Final Edition. Initially, the automaker decided to limit its production to 1,000 units, but it does not offer the possibility to increase this number if there is a strong demand.


The Final Edition of the Gol will be launched in the last quarter of this year and sales should continue until the beginning of 2023. The price should be around R$90 thousand. As a reference, today the Gol 1.0 with all the options that the Final Edition will have as standard equipment does not cost less than R$85 thousand.

Gol Ultimate Edition saves the orbit wheel

Among the various changes that the Final Edition of the Gol will have, highlighted is the wheel that was known in the Brazilian market as “Orbital”, which, in fact, is called “Futura”. It comes in a new and dark style, with a design based on nature. The darkened taillights will be joined by a black adhesive strip, in the same design as the 2011 Gol Vintage, and most recently on the 2016 Gol GT concept.

A black band will connect the two rear lights (KDesignAG Estimates | Disclosure)

In addition, mirrors and door handles painted in body color will be present in the Final Edition, but can already be found on the fully equipped Gol 0 km.


Overall, the Gol Final Edition will have a sportier appeal, with a look that references the GTS and GTI, in their respective proportions. Mysterious badges, of course, will not be missing: there will be discreet stickers, two logos placed on the front fenders indicating the edition, and, as icing on the cake, another sticker referring to the 42 years of the model’s production. was present in the Kombi Final Edition. .

Inside, there is nothing special, except for the numbered plate of the series, which indicates which unit is produced from the limited series.

The engine will be 1.0

Much has been debated within the factory whether the Gol Final Edition should have the EA-211, 1.6-liter, 16-valve engine. It turns out that, for the launch at the end of the year, this last batch of Gol should be “released” to comply with the Proconve L7 rules, a fact that would significantly increase the final price.

Therefore, it will have the “standard” Gol engines available in dealerships today: 1.0 three-cylinder, from the same EA-211 family, with a 5-speed gearbox. It is up to 75/84 hp of power and 9.7/10.4 mkgf of torque (petrol/ethanol). Likewise, things like disc brakes on the front wheels and drums at the rear, as well as power-assisted steering, remain.

Materials and colors remain

projection vw gol last version projection kdesignag autopapo 3

The aim of VW is to change as little as possible in the preparation of the Final Edition of the Gol, as Fiat did with the Ciao Uno at the end of 2021. For this, they will remain on the list of equipment already found in the current car, adding. optional items only as items. series in the final version.

Standard equipment on the VW Gol Ultimate Edition

Air conditioning, power steering, electric front windows, windshield wiper and rear window wiper, three-point seat belts and head restraints for all occupants, ISOFIX adjustment for child seats will be added to the on-board computer, steering wheel multifunction, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors. with integrated turn signals, electric locks via remote control, rear reading lights, steering column with height and depth adjustment, fog lights, 15” alloy wheels, reversing sensors, multimedia with screen of 6.5”. electric rear windows, anti-theft alarm, etc.

Why will Gol go out of line?

The reasons for discontinuing the production of the Gol certainly have nothing to do with its sales figures, not least because it was the best-selling car in the national market last July and has remained in good position in the August rankings. It also has nothing to do with the law or equipment required for 2023, after all it meets all the requirements and may remain unchanged until the end of next year. But then what is the reason?

One of the problems facing VW today is that, in the entire world, there is only one country that continues to produce the MQB platform: Brazil. Criminals? Gol and Voyage, developed on the basis of the PQ24, and leaving the factory in Taubaté, SP. This is the brand’s most efficient factory in the world when it comes to infrastructure, equipment, location, line efficiency and manpower. And all those forces only serve to produce these two examples.

manufactures volkswagen taubate sp gol e up assembly line
The Volkswagen factory in Taubaté also produced high! (Photo: Volkswagen | Advertising)

Germany’s Matrix has already given an order that it wants Taubaté to produce products based on the modern MQB as soon as possible. The Gol and Voyage ended up being the two stones in the shoe of Brazilian VW, and will soon give way to the newly restyled Polo and Virtus.

The unprecedented Polo Track, which will arrive in 2023, will be the successor of Gol not only in the market, but also in the space of the Taubaté factory. Modifications to fix the lines on the basis of the MQB module have already begun at a rapid pace.

Boris Feldman commented on Final Goal:

Goal Final Edition will be played

Being such a historic and unique car, a limited 1,000 units will be contested on the market, as public interest will be high and many will enter collections. Basically, the car will have more demand than supply, so VW is not ruling out the possibility of eventually doubling the number of Final Edition units by the end of the year.

The certainty is that, in a very short time, this series will be highly appreciated, and, in the hands of collectors and enthusiasts, will reach R$ 120,000 without much effort. Because of scarcity, the sky is the limit. Goodbye, Target!

A brief history of the VW Gol

For these 42 years of its life, the VW hatchback basically had three bodies, divided, depending on the brand, into eight generations, more than fifteen different engines (some even from Audi and Ford), four-speed manual transmission or five , with an automatic boost and even an automatic with a torque converter.

However, only two platforms in more than four decades: the BX, which lasted until 2013, and the current PQ24 with elements of the PQ25, born in 2008, prove that, despite his success, Golzinho bet on simplicity and easy maintenance. versions? In addition. It was very successful, it was the sales leader in the Brazilian market for 27 years in a row, and was exported to unusual countries like Mexico and even Russia!

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