The Ford Ranger FX4 is beautiful, bold and comfortable

The Ford Ranger FX4 is beautiful, bold and comfortable

Sobre Rodas tested one of Ford’s latest offerings for the Brazilian market: its mid-size Ranger FX4 (4×4 appeal), with a sporty look and full of options. The engine is a 3.2-liter turbocharged Duratorq diesel with a capacity of 200 horsepower at 3,000 rpm, and 47.9 kgfm torque at 1,750 rpm, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Our assessment was around 2,500 km, 75% on highways, 25% on urban circuits and only 5% on dirt roads. Inside the ship, three adult passengers. In other words: it is very close to the new profile of truck buyers in Brazil. For starters, the FX4’s looks are beautiful and eye-catching, even though this generation of Ranger has been with us for a long time and is about to be completely updated by Ford.

Located below the Limited edition (more complete) and above the Strom, the FX4 stands out with its unique grille, mirrors and 18-inch wheels in piano black, as well as unique taillights with black masks. It also has a tubular roof rack, fender inserts with efficient LED headlights, and a projector and covered with a black mask. Undoubtedly, today is the most beautiful version of the Ranger family.

The evaluated version did not have a bucket guard (with a capacity of 1 thousand liters of cargo) and a top, which is sold as accessories and, for a car worth R $ 300 thousand, should be normal. The key is also missing. Inside, comfort is guaranteed, with quality materials. With gloss black accents on the steering wheel and dashboard, the seats are upholstered in leather (only the driver’s is electrically adjustable) with red stitching and the FX4 logo on the front backrests.

As standard, the FX4 has power steering, dual-zone air conditioning, a digital instrument panel (inherited from the late Fusion), parking sensors, a rearview camera and SYNC 3 multimedia with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.

The driving position is good and does not get tired for a long time, thanks to the ergonomics and the commands are always close (the only thing missing is the depth adjustment of the steering wheel). The passengers in the back are also doing well even though it is a pickup. Only on long journeys is there no way around it: it’s tiring to sit in an almost 90 degree position.

Due to the suspension also aimed at transporting cargo, the Ranger FX4 “jumps” when the driver passes speed bumps or potholes. But safety on board is positive, with airbags and electric traction control and stability, which performed several times during our test on the road section.

By the way: Ford Ranger FX4 performs very well on the highway. The five-cylinder turbo diesel engine roars and makes the truck accelerate. The only drawback is a small turbo lag (delay) when accelerating, but when it loads … Overtaking is easy (just don’t forget that it is a pick-up truck with more than 2 tons) and reaching 140 km / h is easy.

The average consumption on the highway (more than one lane with moderate to heavy traffic) was 10 km / l, with a range of about 700 km with a full tank (80 liters). In urban use, the average consumption drops to around 8 km/l.

To meet the Proconve L7, the 2022 Ranger uses an Arla 32. Its tank is 20 liters and lasts about 10 thousand kilometers. In our test, we had to fill it. It’s just that, when it gets below 30% of its capacity, the panel gives constant (and annoying) notifications and the threat that the driver will not be able to start the car if the water runs out. Better not dangerous.

The Ford Ranger FX4 is beautiful, bold and raw. In addition to providing that sense of security and grandeur to its residents, which makes many consumers today choose medium-sized trucks for use in cities, regardless of their size (they are 5.35 meters long). Maybe not the best value for money (like the Black 2.2 version) for those who will practically drive only on asphalt, but it is sure that it will not let its owner go unnoticed.

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