The first test of the Audi A8 (2022): Very sensible

The first test of the Audi A8 (2022): Very sensible

Body function and dimensions

Recent facial improvement does not bring about any fundamental changes. There is a new honeycomb grille and no longer horizontal headlights and headlights (new generation) and new OLED barriers on the back (which enhances the brightness of the brightness identity) and at the very popular level of S line equipment. A8 for the first time. For others, the A8 remains 5.19 m high, with a wheelbase 3 m. All the same, respectively, 25 cm by 3 cm over the A6 of which the A8 still looks very much. The longer version (5.30 m) is still available, especially as a hybrid.

Interior and trunk

The atmosphere on the board is known: sharp quality, finished with small onions. However, on the outside, you almost feel like the A6. Except for the position of my long legs, which is especially generous in four sections. Later, you can enjoy a special welcome: indoor blinds (solar roof and all rear windows) that can be turned on from the driver’s seat, massage, ventilated and heated seats, Bang & Olufsen 1920 W… microphone 23. Aging could not, A8 remains a revolving castle.

That said, the varnish starts to crack when you look closely at the content of the technology. Everything remains state-of-the-art, but the presentation (graphics, screen size) is definitely aging compared to new screens and other curved screens of peer competition. Straight forward step: the most powerful infotainment component software with two new background screens (2 x 10.1 ”, full HD) that will delight highly connected teens. Finally, the trunk remains a hybrid A8: 390 liters, that is to say, it deserves a moderate sedan… Thermal A8s perform better, with 505 liters…

Specifications & performance

Available in V6 3.0 Diesel and gasoline, as well as in V8 4.0 (S8), the A8 remains on top of the automotive pyramid. Here we are intrigued by a key combination of 60 TFSI Quattro plug-ins that uses the V6 3.0 TFSI with a small electric motor, as well as a 14.4 KWh lithium-ion battery (more generous capacity than before, but still charging. 7.4 hours kW “AC”). A small battery, 462 hp electro-boosted drive drive up to 100 km / h in 5 s and with a limit of 250 km / h, which commands decency, even if outside of Germany it no longer makes much sense. Picking up (even at high speeds) is just as good, but not as exciting.


On the main axis, the A8 is definitely the king in terms of stability and stability (acoustic illumination, pneumatic suspension as standard). On the negative side, however, the filtering of our 20 ” wheels breaks a bit of peace of mind. The offset behavior is remarkable for the 2.4-ton limousine, but this 60-day TFSI still has a slower speed than 100% of A8s heat, as it is heavier and deprives the game variant. Unlike ultimately the main interest of the A8 PHEV lies in the possibility of tasting for a few tens of kilometers the pleasure of 100% electric driving, treat in the city.


A8 60 e TFSI is priced at 110,000 euros, which is… the starting point. Without forcing, you will add 20 to 30,000 euros of options. At such levels, does it still make sense to talk to you about spending? Ours was an average of 8.7 l / 100 km with a standard battery charge. If the V6 is left with a magnetic barrier, then it swallows 12 l / 100 km, minimum. On the other hand, thanks to the possible forty kilometers on a single power reserve, the A8 60 e TFSI is then satisfied with 25 kWh / 100 km. For information, the cheapest among the A8s is the 3 liter TDI for € 94,700, while the most expensive is the open S8 (€ 143,770). Finally, and it is good to know, A8s are available fast, i.e. from August 2022… with the exception of plug-ins, in early 2023.


The A8 remains a very high quality intelligence. Extremely close, but one culture that will attract business owners, politicians and individuals who love the XXL sedan to take advantage of their (and very relative) stocks. Is a hybrid version important? Fiscally, of course, but for us – with any passion for driving pleasure -, at these prices we no longer want to think of ourselves as accountants, and so the choice is clear: a preference for 55 TFSI 340 hp, for extra power. with the largest stem. Or S8, in our dreams.

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