the first teaser of Audi’s future concept

the first teaser of Audi’s future concept

Audi reveals the first teaser of its future concept car Audi ActiveSphere Concept, which will join the Audi Sphere concept family in early 2023.

Last weekend, Audi made a trip to the Pebble Beach 2022 Concours d’Elegance, but unlike its competitors, the German company did not present anything new, but was content to announce the first teaser image of its future concept car called Audi ActiveSphere.

This will be the fourth phase of Audi’s “Sphere” concept, launched in August 2021 and whose first three concepts were assembled for a walk in Monterey this weekend: the SkySphere Roadster, the GrandSphere large sedan and the UrbanSphere compact city car.

Audi ActiveSphere concept: adventurous GT

This first teaser photo shows the Audi ActiveSphere Concept in the dark: we can make out the lines of the raised GT coupé that would be transformed into a fighter, and which is similar to the Aston Martin DBX concept presented at the Paris Motor Show. Geneva in 2015.

The model has all-terrain tires, wide rims, raised ground clearance as well as a type of running board with checkered patterns on the lower part of its sides. The lines in general look very clean and thin, with thin glazed parts, including the eyes. The grille is still hidden in the dark, but we can already make out the bright Audi logo above it.

Audi ActiveSphere concept: 100% electric motor.

Like other Audi Sphere concepts, the Audi ActiveSphere Concept will be powered by a 100% electric motor, and will feature autonomous driving features. By focusing on the quality of life on board, Audi invites the occupants of these cars to relax or take advantage of the journey to work.

To complement the previous concepts, the Audi ActiveSphere Concept should at the same time offer the ability to think outside the box.

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Audi ActiveSphere concept: presentation in early 2023

The Audi ActiveSphere concept will be fully unveiled at the beginning of 2023, probably at the CES show in Las Vegas, an event that brings together many players in new technologies, but which is increasingly invested by automakers.

Thus, the Audi ActiveSphere Concept will complete the collection of Audi Sphere concepts, which reflect the brand’s vision of the 100% electronic payment transfer of tomorrow.

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