The first TCR car with a ‘mild hybrid’ system is already underway on track

The first TCR car with a ‘mild hybrid’ system is already underway on track

Marcello Lotti is one of the names of the world motorcycle sport. His WTCC management in the past was exemplary, although his biggest success probably came soon after he was removed from the tournament. with the creation of the WSC Group and the TCR technical concept. These types of vehicles have dominated not only the World Tourist Vehicle Cup, but a large number of national and regional competitions for tourist cars. I get smarter in his work, Lotti already has a formula to keep his TCR very active.

In times when brands want to place a bet on electricity, also in the competitive world, Marcelo Lotti has not only created ETCR technical regulations for 100% of tourist vehicles using electricity, but also. A ‘small hybrid’ system that will enable TCR from 2023 is already in place. The distribution of this common hybrid system will be gradual, but in the first season WTCR and at least four other championships are expected to host TCR hybrid vehicles on their grids. Businesses have welcomed this goal.

Material issues and even money aside, The TCR ‘mild hybrid’ system is already a reality. Marcello Lotti of Tactics announced a few days ago that this hybrid system was ready to be tested on a track. Kisha, Lotti has posted on Twitter a video of the first TCR trial with a ‘mild hybrid’ system. A trial period sponsored by Romeo Ferraris and that has had former Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR protagonistthus avoid conflicts with brands that have functional projects.

There have been no further comments about it, though the TCR automotive hybrid system has focused on details in its first song attempt after being evaluated on a bench press of powerful vehicles. A hybrid software plugin that, as it should be remembered, has a 48V battery. The battery weight is 3.5 kg and is made from new test cells. Its cost is very highbut the final price of the hybrid system has not been disclosed.

What is clear is how the ‘mild hybrid’ system is used by WTCR in competition. Operators will have an additional power button that will direct the additional 20 or 25 hp provided by the system.. Its use will be free, therefore there will be some freedom for drivers and teams to define their strategies when using increased power. New details about hybrid TCRs will be revealed soon.


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