The first Fiat Panda I sold for over ,000 in the US

The first Fiat Panda I sold for over $7,000 in the US

In the United States, a one-owner 1992 Fiat Panda with less than 85,000 km sold for $7,150, a high price especially for the 34 hp Fire version. Will the Italian city car rating increase?



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This classic Fiat Panda sold for over $7,000 in the US.

Mecum Auctions

A popular car icon because of its silhouette, its success and longevity, the first Fiat Panda gradually became it must have for collectors in the same way as Citroën 2CV or Renault 4CV, even if its ratings are still far from reaching the heights of “Deuche” for example. In the United States, where the original Panda was not sold, a copy has changed hands for $7,150 ie approximately €7,162. This sum, although appropriate in absolute terms, still represents three times the rating of the same structure in France.

Modest but neat

the car in question, provided by the house Mecum Auctions. It’s not a 4×4 or even a high-end configuration, but the car has the distinction of not having one. just one previous owner, obviously very careful, and has covered just 84,502km according to his counter. Visually, the condition of the car seems to match this low mileage.

A very current philosophy

Obviously, looking at this Fiat Panda is like going back in time. Long before the trend of SUVs, the Italian city car could boast of not being afraid of the roads thanks to its high clearance and black plastic body protection. The copy of the day also has bars running through the roof.

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The Moto Panda 750 has a power of 34 hp.

Mecum Auctions

Its dark gray body is compared to interior fabric with multi-colored stripes in orange toneswhich seems to have stood the test of time well, enough to approach the new life on the other side of the Atlantic calmly.

Pandamonium (2021). Fiat Panda rally version of 300 hp

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