The first draft of the interior of the Koda Vision 7S concept

The first draft of the interior of the Koda Vision 7S concept

Škoda Auto presents the next preview of the new design language. The first draft of the interior of the Vision 7S concept study: a large car, with a completely new interior design, which can accommodate up to seven people. A minimalist interior characterized by durable materials. The new virtual design language offers efficient and intuitive use in the digital world.

The first concept car from Škoda, the Vision 7S electronic study is imbued with the manufacturer’s new stylistic language. The first picture shows the interior of the car. The minimalist interior design offers, with durable materials, a very generous space for seven people in three rows of seats and only Clever solutions, typical of Škoda.

Oliver Stefani, Director of Škoda Design, says: “ Our new design language is minimal, functional and authentic. We continue to rely on typical Škoda strengths such as plenty of space, ease of use and performance. With our new design language, we’re shifting gears and putting more emphasis on the customer experience. The great creativity of our designers and engineers is translated into flexible sliding interior elements and new Simply Clever solutions, such as the integrated child seat. Deliberately understated lines extend the sleek exterior design into the cabin “.

The interior of the new Vision 7S concept study has a rounded and symmetrical design, which is complemented by a wide horizontal dashboard that extends to the doors, for a more pronounced sense of space. The comfortable interaction with the touch screen as well as with the haptic keys for quick access allows for optimal placement of the palm area every time. In addition, haptic control features can be found on the redesigned steering wheel. Ambient lighting illuminates different areas of the passenger compartment, providing suitable lighting when entering or exiting the vehicle and indicating, among other things, the charge level. Door panels are also featured with interactive and visual haptic control features. The integrated child seat is in the center console: the safest place in the car. The backs of the front seats are equipped with holders for multimedia devices intended for passengers in the second and third row of seats. Finally, each seat has its own integrated bag.

The generous interior has two different settings, which provide a new sense of space for different situations: ‘driving’ and ‘resting’. In driving mode, all controls are well positioned and the central touchscreen is oriented vertically to display important information while driving. Rest mode can be activated when recharging or resting: the steering wheel and dashboard then move forward and the first and second row seats return to a more relaxed seating position. This option provides passengers with maximum space and comfort.

At this year’s press conference in March, Škoda Auto had already announced its new design language. It is based on original brand values ​​such as durability, functionality and authenticity. The new design language is characterized by a more generous feeling of space, resistant and durable materials, as well as an aerodynamic and efficient shape.

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