The first Bugatti Chiron “Sur Mesure” shown in London

The first Bugatti Chiron “Sur Mesure” shown in London

If one Bugatti Chiron not enough, the most demanding customers (and with a heavier bank account) can request the model privatization from the unit. Sur Mesure. By contacting technicians and technicians of the French brand, in fact, you can create your own hypercar to collect.

The first Sur Mesure signed by Bugatti will be displayed by the seller HR Owen from 21 to 23 April a London during the ceremony Salon Privé will be held at Royal Chelsea Hospital. This is how the ultimate expression of luxury and function is seen.

Respect for history

The Chiron Pur Sport on display is a tribute to Louis Chiron, one of the most famous drivers to ever live in Bugatti. The driver participated in many events and major competitions between the 1920s and 1930s, winning the historic French Grand Prix in 1931 with Achille Varzi driving. Type Bugatti 51 numbered 32.

Bugatti Custom Chiron Pure Sport

The same number was hand painted in the case of modern Chiron, as well as many other unique features. Among these is also the motif “EB” (also used by hand) consisting of several layers of paint. Of course, the interior has also been carefully enhanced with a black aluminum center cone with black upholstery and special upholstery for chairs and dashboard.

For very few selected speed

The unique aesthetics and interior design are matched by the extreme functionality of the Pur Sport version.

In this Bugatti Chiron the8 liters W16 editions 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm and is supported by two clutch transmissions with a short ratio of 15% to accelerate. shooting 0-100 km / hin fact, it is difficult Seconds 2.3while 0-200 km / h is covered for 5.5 seconds and 0-300 km / h less than 12 seconds.

Bugatti Custom Chiron Pure Sport

Pur Sport has not been developed units 60all of which are clearly already for sale for more than 3 million euros. Of course, the privatization of Sur Mesure is not included, but we believe that many customers have not had much trouble using the extra “little” to get a hypercar that is unique in the world in every sense.

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