the final version has finally been revealed

the final version has finally been revealed

The story of the electric truck will finally become a reality. Tesla will finally sell its, soon. Here are the final pictures of Semi.

Tesla Semi – After several postponements for the start of production, The California heavyweight finally seems to be coming to fruitionand sales that could begin before the end of the year.

Launched with great fanfare in 2017, the Tesla Semi promised to revolutionize road transport from 2019. Unfortunately, as is often the case within the Palo-Alto company, this stranger went. from obstacles to obstacles during its development phaseIt seems difficult as the equations to solve are difficult to hope to attract the demanding professional clients.

Proof of work

But, at the start of the 2022 school year, the sky is getting clearer for Elon Musk’s tractor, considering new photos posted on the brand’s official website. We discover the Tesla Semi in its final outfit which, compared to the 2017 show truck, is decorated withequipment required for certification. Unfortunately, it must have mirror mounts that will logically harm the aerodynamics, in the same way as the sheet metal rims that replace the model’s flanges.

Despite these compromises, the machine remains faithful to the original silhouette, as well its unique cockpit places the driver in the center of the cabin to improve safety in the event of an impact. Very refined, it comes on a steering wheel framed by two screens that house almost all the controls, as usual for Tesla.

More than 800 kilometers in one go

At its launch, the date of which remains to be specified, the Tesla Semi should offer several levels of freedom, from 483 to 805 kmdepending on the battery pack selected to activate three electric motors that allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in twenty seconds. But road experts will remember exactly Low operating cost, claimed to be divided by 2.5 per kilometercompared to a heated model, allowing operators to achieve significant fuel savings estimated at up to $200,000 in the first three years of use, according to official audio.

Competition has not been spared

By using this good way to drive, Tesla also promises its customers a reduction in motivation, because of reduced maintenance frequency. It remains to know the price of this sacred piece that intends to upset the plan in this sector rejected especially from the point of view of the environment. But, since 2017, the competition has not been silent, like Freightliner which offers eCascadia, Volvo Trucks and FH Electric, not to mention the Chinese Geely with its impressive Homtruk, promised to be produced in 2024.

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