The final chapters of the novel ‘The Beginning’: what is the end of Bila?  Know it!

The final chapters of the novel ‘The Beginning’: what is the end of Bila? Know it!

In the novel “The Beginning”, Bila (Patricia França) is one of Jacob’s (Petronio Gontijo) maids and the mother of two of the clan’s 13 children. Throughout the story, she slept with Rúben (Felipe Cunha), the old man’s firstborn, and the case unfolded. In the next few chapters, the concubine tries to forgive Jacob and has a serious argument with her ex-boyfriend. But what will happen to Bila, her sister Zilpa (Karina Barum)?

O clean people he expects that the servant will also die before reaching Egypt. Bila’s death will not be shown and only quoted. Previously, the character would have lost his life in chapter 147 out of a total of 50, however for editorial material, Rekodi TV has been breaking the script for up to three days. So much so that tonight (25) number 200 will come out.

The text shows that the servant disappears from the story, which is in the final stretch, after fighting with Reuben. The one who reveals his death is Diná (Giovanna Coimbra) while Tamar (Juliana Xavier) and Judah (Thiago Rodrigues) are in the Hebrew camp.

Soap opera ‘Genesis’: Da complains about missing her father at her mother’s funeral

It is good to remember that by now, Tamari will already be pregnant by her father-in-law after being widowed twice and losing his wife, Muriel (Rhaisa Batista). The two are talking about the patient’s pregnancy when Diná appears running from the place crying and calling her brother.

“She hugs him. Judah responds and looks at Tamar thinking that Diná already knew what she tried to do (an attempt on her own life)”, asks the text. “What happened?”, asks Simeão’s brother (Igor Cotrim). “It’s Bila. He died”, says Diná as she leaves the hug.

“I went to wake him up in the morning, but he was dead”, he continues in Hebrew. “Why did he die?”, asks Judah. “No one knows”, concludes Diná, leaving with another hug from her brother, who exchanges glances with Tamar in surprise and pity.

After a while, Dan (Augusto Garcia) complains that his father did not go to the funeral of Bilha, his mother, and Aser (Pedro Lamin) recovers his memory citing the involvement of the concubine and Reuben, starting a war soon to be separated.

‘Genesis’ soap opera: Tamari is beaten by her husband, Er

Just before Bila dies, Tamar will pass from heaven to hell in a few days. She is bewitched by Er (Tiago Marques), the son of Judah, and marries him in a union arranged by the family. But soon the fairy tale turns into a nightmare and fighting ensues.

In one of them, Er is threatened by the woman to give her father a night walk. The villain doesn’t think twice, takes his belt from his pants and hits the woman.