The Fiat Scudo arrives with prices starting at R7,490

The Fiat Scudo arrives with prices starting at R$187,490

Fiat Scudo line

New Fiat Scudo, a versatile mid-size car with a classic urban appeal. The new model is practical and versatile, as people with a category B license can also drive. Modern, robust, very comfortable and capable of driving a passenger car, the new car also arrives in the e-Scudo version.

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  • Fiat Scudo Cargo: BRL 187,490
  • Fiat Scudo Multi: BRL 192,490
  • Fiat e-Scudo Cargo: BRL 329,990

O Fiat Scudo brings a range of offers and evolutionary possibilities capable of meeting the demands of freelancers and fleet managers, with efficient and experienced solutions that ensure business continuity.

Ready for all types of use

placed on top Uruguay (Nordex), the new Fiat Scudo is a solution for the entrepreneur based on three basic pillars: Maximum Productivity, Space Efficiency and Low Operating Cost. With daily professional use of eight hours or more, comfort in the car is important for those who drive. Therefore, Scudo brings the best level of comfort and provides a stress-free experience at work through the use of various solutions such as automation, high driving position, seat, belt and steering wheel adjustments, seats designed for greater comfort, and so on. insulation, acoustic.

The model has a good space and ergonomics arranged on board, together with high finishes and materials that are not common in work cars, are planned to generate great productivity while maintaining the quality of life. It also brings a basic feature for those who work with the car: fatigue alert. A warning on the dashboard is issued if the driver has been driving for more than two hours at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour without a break.

panel of Fiat Scudo it is modern, with a built-in gear shifter and controls well placed within easy reach of the driver. The 3.5-inch digital instrument panel features an on-board computer. To complete it, several storage compartments are scattered throughout the cabin in strategic places, such as under the passenger seat. In total, there are about 42 liters of capacity.

In addition, the size of the shield It was strategically thought out. The model is 1.94 m long, it is perfect for all purposes, ensuring the necessary agility in urban environments and a trouble-free passage of height even in the most difficult places, going to places where larger vehicles cannot reach. Combined with a length of 5.3 m and a volume of 6.1 m³, the load capacity is also impressive, as it can carry up to 1.5 tons and transport objects up to a height of 2.8 meters. To complete, the split rear door opens 180 degrees and the side door slides, being adapted for loading with a forklift, which makes loading and unloading even easier.

O Fiat Scudo It also has other features that make transportation easier, such as the loading floor in an ergonomic position and the best use of free luggage space, since there is a small amount of wheeled boxes in this place. It is also worth mentioning safety in cargo transportation, as the van has central locking of the doors and remote control.


It is available in two versions with a heat engine (Space and Multi), Fiat Scudo offers several possibilities for the different needs of its customers. Both versions are available in two colors: Silver Aluminiun and White Banchisa.


As its name suggests, this version is ideal for transporting luggage, as it offers enough space and there are no glass parts on the sides, that is, the things stored in the compartment are not visible. It is the best choice for such services the last mile (transportation in which goods leave the distribution center for the final destination) and used by carriers and small entrepreneurs. For typical urban calls, this version easily handles the most diverse types of cargo. It is the best choice for those who want to use the vehicle as an ambulance, mobile pet shop, hortifruit, mobile workshop, service center on wheels, shop and much more.


Multi is committed to change and is oriented towards electrical wiring, eliminate the reduction of physical activity. Therefore, in addition to being a glass car, it has a call to be changed according to the needs of the customers. It leaves the factory certified as a cargo van, but can also be converted to transport people.

Configuration family car, with 8 seats, is ideal for those with a large family, as it has a high-quality interior, reclining seats, air conditioning for all occupants and 850 liters of trunk. The versatile version can still be adapted for use according to the different needs of customers, and can be used as an ambulance, flower shop, mobile animals, mobile office, among other options. It is also worth mentioning that Fiat will have authorized companies to make this change by October.


High performance

O Fiat Scudo is built on Stellantis’ more flexible EMP2 platform. It is safe, seasonable and very efficient, perfect for a cargo car, but also providing comfort and safety for a passenger car. For great drivability, the model comes with its hot versions and a 1.5 l turbo diesel engine, which is from Fiat. The engine has 120 hp and 30.4 kgfm torque. In addition to being an intercooler engine, that is, with a large cooling capacity, it is also a high-performance engine, which has more technology, more performance and less consumption.

And manual gear with six speeds, the capacity of the tank is 69 liters and the model has an average range of 800 km. According to current legislation, it has an AdBlue tank (mixture of water and urea – similar to Arla 32) to treat exhaust gases and reduce emissions.

Fiat Scudo Cargo

Fiat Scudo Cargo

An example also has start/stop function which contributes to reducing fuel consumption and making less noise. To top it off, the Fiat Scudo is equipped with independent suspension on all four wheels, which filters road imperfections well, an important step for both people and cargo transportation for greater safety and comfort.

A complete car with low running costs

The Fiat Scudo has an extensive list of standard items and brings the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the category. Fitted with 16-inch 215/65 alloy wheels, factory ABS, triple airbags (for driver and passenger), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), hill assist, front fog lights, seat belts three point seat. halogen headlights with DRLs. The model also has air conditioning, central locking of the doors, a wall dividing the cabin from the cargo bay (for safety reasons), on-board computer, electric exterior mirrors, electric windows with one touch, height and adjustment steering wheel depth. steering wheel, “ergonomic” seat height adjustment, lumbar and arm support, cruise control with speed limiter and 12v socket in the luggage compartment.

Fiat Scudo Multi

Fiat Scudo Multi

Another strong point of the shield is its high operating cost. Within this segment, it has the cheapest service plan, with the first three costing a total of R$2,700. In addition, it also offers a low maintenance value considering the parts basket used as standard by Anfavea. Replacement cost is up to 14% lower than other models in the category. The owner of the Fiat Scudo will also have one more feature that reinforces its low cost every day: the fuel consumption of the van is one of the lowest in the category (it has a grade A on the INMETRO seal): 12.4 km. /l.

It is important to note that the adjustment program also brings flexibility in paymento, it can be customized according to what is best for the customer and has three options. In the Comfort plan, the first three revisions cost R$99 more in the financing phase or R$2,700 in total. In the Protection program, with the first three revisions, the user already guarantees some wear equipment such as the front brake, a set of windshields, as well as alignment and balancing, and it costs R$183 more in installments or R$ 4,850 in total. Another option is the Security Package, which includes all the features of the Protection program and an additional year of warranty, for an additional R$220 in the financing phase or a total of R$5,840.

Fiat e-Scudo

Fiat e-Scudo

the shield

Following the electric route, Fiat brings another electric model to its range. This time, the novelty is the shield, its first 100% electric vehicle in Brazil. The car with the longest range in the category (330km), has an electric motor with a power of 136 horsepower and 26.4 kgfm of instant torque.

With an all-electric propeller, the the shield emits no CO2, noise and vibrations, promotes a smooth and shock-free ride with instantly available torque. E-Scudo was developed under a multi-energy platform, with a set of lithium-ion batteries 75 kWh, 11 kW three-phase OBC and an electric motor, which guarantees an impressive freedom of organization.

Another highlight is easy charging with fast charging up to 80% in 48 minutes. There are also other features that improve the experience, such as a rest mode, a restart function that works like a car brake, allowing you to save or even partially charge the battery.

ordered from France (Sevel Nord), e-Scudo also has an e-drive mode selector, which offers three options: Normal (for the best compromise between range and performance); Eco (to improve energy consumption) and Sport (to prioritize performance with maximum power and torque).

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In addition to having all the elements of a hot version, the the shield It also has a 7-channel multimedia center (with Apple Carplay and Android Auto), a 180-degree rear camera, a digital cluster with information on battery level, usage, driving mode and gear in use. It also has electric power steering, an electric parking brake and a tire pressure monitoring system, as well as rain sensors and automatic headlights. The E-Scudo will be sold in the Cargo version on the Fiat Electric Network, which has more than 20 points in the main electric vehicle markets in Brazil.

Available in exclusive Artense Gray or Banchisa White, the Fiat Scudo It has a warranty of three years or 100,000 km on heated versions. In the electric version, with 3 years (or 160,000 km) of the car, the battery warranty is 8 years.

Fiat Scudo Luggage Gallery

Fiat Scudo Multi Gallery

Fiat e-Scudo Gallery

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The Fiat Scudo arrives with prices starting at R$187,490