The Fiat Cronos CVT is nice and good for a leisurely ride

The Fiat Cronos CVT is nice and good for a leisurely ride

Cronos debuted in the Brazilian market in 2019 with the mission to honor Fiat’s tradition in small sedans. There were plenty of reasons to get to the top, but it fell short of the competition.

One of the reasons for Cronos’ lack of sales is the lack of automatic transmission in the cheaper versions.

This problem is finally solved by offering a CVT gearbox in entry settings. UOL cars reviewed the Cronos Drive with the 1.3 engine, which must be one of the best-selling versions of the range. Find out below if the Fiat sedan will finally be able to threaten the leaders.


The late release of an automatic transmission (CVT, in this case) could put the Cronos in the fight for the leadership of compact sedans. Despite the comfortable ride, the model is made for those who are not in a hurry. At least fuel consumption is among the best in its class, especially with gas in the tank.

Design and interior space

Cronos Drive 1 - Vitor Matsubara/UOL - Vitor Matsubara/UOL

The driving position is slightly raised, but the cabin design is still current

Photo: Vitor Matsubara/UOL

Even with almost four years behind it, Cronos still has a current design. Maybe that’s why Fiat didn’t change the design of the sedan that much. Only the front grille has been updated, introducing two horizontal fillets instead of one. Nothing has changed at the back, which retains the beautiful rear lights encroaching on the trunk lid.

The cabin still has modern lines and attracts attention with its good quality for an entry-level car. Even with most plastics, the pieces fit together. The driving position is a little high, which may cause some drivers discomfort. On the other hand, the ergonomics are good and all controls are accessible.

In the back, there is good space for the legs and heads of tall people. But the Cronos is still a step below other models in the category, such as the Nissan Versa and VW Virtus. The Fiat model offers a change in the generous trunk of 525 liters – the largest in the segment.

performance and use

Cronos - Disclosure - Disclosure

Cronos 1.3 runs smooth but not fast

Image: Disclosure

The 1.3 Firefly engine is equipped with Cronos Drive. With 107 hp, the sedan has a performance similar to the model proposal: it won’t make anyone angry on the slopes, but it won’t excite either.

The CVT exchange is pleasant for its smooth operation, but it does not always speak the same language as the engine. There are times when the gearbox takes a while to understand when the car needs more power, and this makes the Cronos suffer a bit of a pack in some situations.

Anyone who wants a quick response will need to wait a little longer. That’s because Fiat should offer a 1.0 turbo engine of up to 130 hp in the more expensive Cronos and Argo versions. Currently, there is no official confirmation from the manufacturer.

The average consumption reported by the Inmetro Vehicle Labeling Program is 9.5 km/l in the city and 10.3 km/l on the highway with ethanol in the tank. If the fuel is gasoline, the numbers are more satisfactory.


Cronos Drive 3 - Vitor Matsubara/UOL - Vitor Matsubara/UOL

The Cronos Drive only has two front airbags

Photo: Vitor Matsubara/UOL

The Drive Edition brings a very impressive package of accessories. There is digital air conditioning, power steering, power windows on all four doors, on-board computer, cruise control and cruise control and central locking. The multimedia center with a 7-inch screen supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly and a reversing camera.

The unit evaluated was equipped with the optional S-Design package, which includes black-painted exterior details (such as the front grille and bumper inserts), gray light-alloy wheels and a discreet rear spoiler in… it is clear.

maintenance and security

Cronos Drive 5 - Vitor Matsubara/UOL - Vitor Matsubara/UOL

Low maintenance cost is one of the attractions of Cronos

Photo: Vitor Matsubara/UOL

Like most Fiat vehicles, the Cronos Drive should attract many customers with its low maintenance costs. The value of the first three modifications comes from less than R $ 7 thousand. As for safety features, the Cronos Drive is reluctant to come with only two airbags (specifically the front ones as required by law), but at least it offers stability and traction controls and hill start assist.


Chevrolet Onix Plus - Murilo Góes/UOL - Murilo Góes/UOL

The category leader, Onix Plus is one of Cronos’ rivals

Photo: Murilo Góes/UOL

Although it is a good product, Cronos does not lead the category, mainly because of the competitors.

The Fiat sedan faces two strong rivals: the Volkswagen Virtus and the leader Chevrolet Onix Plus. Both offer 1.0 turbo engines in the most expensive versions, along with some additional equipment.

Also challenging the Cronos is the Nissan Versa, which proves to be an attractive option for those who need (a lot) of interior space in the back seat.