The FIA ​​president is excited about the new team in the series

The FIA ​​president is excited about the new team in the series

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F1 will undergo major changes for the coming seasons. The division is initially revising the engine rules from 2026.

At first, this change has already had a positive impact on the category, as it has attracted the manufacturers of two new cars to the grid: Porsche and Audi.

This news has made FIA ​​President Mohammed Bin Sulayem very satisfied.

This regulatory change is precisely a strategy to attract new developers to the sector.

Porsche and Audi have been flirting with F1 for some time, but are waiting for the implementation of the new rules to give the go-ahead.

Until now, the unit should keep the 1.6-liter V6 engine, while removing the MGU-H part.

In addition, the fuel used in the unit must be 100% sustainable, as part of the FIA’s commitment to climate change.

In his social networks, Bin Sulayem celebrated during the F1.

Over the past 18 months, FIA staff have been working hard with all stakeholders to develop the new PU formula 1 which WMSC is currently considering.

I am proud of your efforts, which allow new participants and more competition.“, wrote the FIA ​​president.

These regulatory changes must be approved by the World Motor Sport Council, which is also considering updating the regulations to deal with aerodynamic issues.

The FIA ​​president also spoke about it.

Having discussed the matter with all 20 F1 drivers and 10 team principals, I am pleased to confirm that we will present the updated 2023 Technical Regulations to the WMSC this week to address this, along with the steps already taken for the remainder of this period. the season.“, finish.

A new team in F1

From what is known so far, the entry of new automakers will be in a different way.

Porsche is set to enter F1 as a direct partner of Red Bull, while Audi has strong links to acquire Alfa Romeo/Sauber.

Andretti, on the other hand, should enter the division as a new constructor. So making the grid count with 11 teams.

However, Toto Wolff and Christian Horner seem to be against this idea, at least initially.