The Ferrari shows a sensor failure

The Ferrari shows a sensor failure

Fifth place in the Belgian Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc dropped to sixth place, behind Fernando Alonso, after receiving a five-second penalty. In question, the extra speed in the pits during his last stop, at the end of the race, which was intended to try to register the extra point awarded to the author of the fastest lap, denying him the winner of the day. , Max Verstappen.

Charles Leclerc took charge of this fast pace but his boss was Ferrari he gave a more detailed explanation. When asked about the decision to try the fastest lap, Mattia Binotto admitted it first “it was completely borderline”. The Scuderia director then revealed that an emotional problem was at the root of the incident, and it was directly linked to the tear-gassing of the Monegasque’s front brakes at the start of the race.

“We didn’t use our standard sensors to measure speed, because they failed when the right front overshot due to Max’s tear, and [système de] recovery may be appropriate as. I think overall it was an unfortunate situation. Why don’t we stop making decisions and be brave enough to find a better way when the conditions are right to do so.”

In the 80 km/h pit lane, Charles Leclerc flashed 81 km/h, which resulted in the corresponding penalty. And an additional obstacle for Ferrari in his fight against Red Bulldemote the Monegasque driver in third place in the championship and 98 points behind leader Max Verstappen. However, Mattia Binotto does not regret the decision taken by his strategists at the end of the Grand Prix.

“It’s an opportunity to try to set the fastest lap, and there was a chance for Fernando to stop and try to do it”he insists. “I think it was the right decision, and we knew you would be very close to Fernando. It was almost a loss of position. But we also knew he could pass him because he had new tires, and that it could help him with DRS. and high speed on the straight. Again, I think It was the right decision.”

Although he admits improvements can be made strategically, the Ferrari boss still insists there is no need for the Maranello team to overturn its racing approach.

“It is clear that there is always a need to try to improve, and there are lessons to be learned, explored and reflected upon”he says. “But looking back at this season, I think there are a lot of outside perceptions that are different from the truth. Sometimes you don’t make a mistake and it can be seen as a mistake. Moreover, if I talk about today, I think the decision to stop him was the right one. You have to be brave in F1.”

Interview with Luke Smith

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