The features of the 6-cylinder diesel are finally known, and it is a promise!

The features of the 6-cylinder diesel are finally known, and it is a promise!

Note to enthusiasts, the brand new Mazda CX-60 will be released next year with two 6-cylinder diesel engines whose features are now well known.

Mazda has always liked to be different, especially when it comes to technical solutions. True, the Japanese brand is proving it again with its new state-of-the-art CX-60 SUV. Available at launch with the 327 hp hybrid engine (the first by Hiroshima manufacturer) which we have already had the opportunity to try, it will welcome two 3.3 6-cylinder diesel engines under its hood from 2023. Yes, 6 cylinders capable of volume 3.3, you read that! Big engines like these in these troubled times when the issue of reducing CO2 emissions is at the heart of political debates and projects, may seem like a turning point, but we understand Mazda’s position better after reading the technical characteristics of his two innovations. latest. .

Despite the larger displacement, the new 3-cylinder 3.3 diesel of the new CX-60 would not weigh more than the 4-cylinder 2.2 diesel already known from Mazda. © Mazda

Low CO2 emissions through iron

Special things that we did not know until then. There will be not just one diesel variant but two. The first transmits its 200 hp to the rear wheels alone, the second generating 254 hp and 550 Nm of torque (unknown value for small between 6 cylinders) but for all wheels. So the latter can run from 0 to 100 km / h in just 7.4 seconds and reach 219 km / h at top speeds. Capacity to pull 2500 kg.

Even beyond the power data, what a surprise with these two engines is the very low CO2 emissions. Thanks to the 48V light hybrid and internal Skyactiv technology, the first would reject only 127 g / km of CO2, the second 137 g / km. It means that they will face the stigma of CO2 in 2023, when they are released. Price € 150 for CX-60 diesel wheel 2, 360 € for 4×4 version according to current standard. If Mazda manages to weigh two of its models less than 1,800 kg (threshold to stimulate weight penalty), they will be even more impressive. In any case, the brand declares that the weight of the 6-cylinder diesel 3.3 is equal to the 4-cylinder diesel 2.2. So, if it is not recorded that these two varieties will arrive well at home in France, one can imagine from their characteristics. For a more rated price than a hybrid CX-60 plug-in, there may be a customer for these diesel CX-60s, despite the Crit’Air 2 sticker which can be a problem for some.

Mazda’s new features

For those with diesel allergies, there will also be a 6-cylinder gasoline version later. There, on the other hand, we will have to wait and see. Finally, Mazda also recalls that the larger CX-60 (4.75 m) will soon be followed by the tallest CX-80 with 7 seats. See you next year!

Posted on 05/07/2022 Updated 05/07/2022