The English Tuner offers 850 horsepower for the Ford Mustang

The English Tuner offers 850 horsepower for the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang, an American icon has been available in France since the arrival of the current generation. If the 420 horsepower of the production version seems weak to you, this English importer has a solution.

Ford Mustang CS850R

From its small name Ford Mustang CS850R does not hide anything good. This version is brutal from a first glance, the front bumper includes ventilation with gaps as well as a low and aggressive front blade. Fans seem to be extended to carry wider rims as well as better braking. The rear part receives the spoiler and carbon diffuser. This Clive Sutton Mustang CS850S does not go unnoticed.

V8 Compressor

The Mustang’s Voyote V8 is generally coveted, but here Clive Sutton upgrades it with the addition of a Whipple main charger. This booster increases power up to 859 horsepower and 902 Nm of torque. A little less than the Mustang Shelby GT500-H but it is enough to give you great fear. Especially since the gearbox has a much shorter rate of aggressive acceleration.

Improved chassis

Power makes you dream but you need a chassis capable of keeping these riders on the road. Clive Sutton announces that the main adjustment is Torsen’s differential adjustment to improve grip. In addition, the original Magnetic Ride suspension has been modified for better performance due to power.

The price of this madness is currently set at £ 121,000 or € 142,484 depending on the current exchange rate.

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