The end of the V8?  Dodge announces electrification of its muscle cars

The end of the V8? Dodge announces electrification of its muscle cars

One of the most traditional sports car manufacturers in the world, Dodge announced that its “muscle cars” are about to be “retired”, at least in nature, due to the end of life of V8 engines. Electrification is inevitable, but Dodge promises that it will continue to work to provide an unprecedented experience for its users.

Due to changes in legislation in several countries, which will be stricter for CO2 emissions, V8 engines will probably give way to less efficient, hybrid and future electric engines, which pollute the environment less.

In an interview with the American website Muscle Car & Trucks, Matt McAlear, head of sales operations for Dodge, talked about the future of muscle cars. He said that there is no exact date for the end of the V8 Hemi engines, but he assured that future models will be a good representation of the old combustion ones. “Instead of a (V8) (engine) it will be more exciting,” says Matt.

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A Dodge executive advised that fans of V8 engines should make the most of their machines. According to him, the way out of the new models will have a power that has never been seen before, surpassing even more than 800 hp of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, for example. Instant torque delivery from electric vehicles should also be a trick for supersport brands to continue to be successful.

Dodge intends to say goodbye to its famous V8 with the launch of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye model. The price has not yet been defined, but it should be a little salty because it is the last one to be made before the new electric generation arrives.

“Petrol heads”, as fans of internal combustion cars are called, even get scared when they read something about the future of the V8. It is unacceptable that electric cars are taking this place, this is already a reality and should not be different for North American sports cars, known for their high power output and unique engine sound.

We will see in the coming years if the “raw” models are there and their days are numbered or if they will survive better with electrification.

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