The end of the Nissan Leaf?  Relax, electricity may not have a new generation

The end of the Nissan Leaf? Relax, electricity may not have a new generation

Nissan Leaf (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

Leaf, Nissan’s first 100% electric car, was introduced to the world in 2010. Since then, the model has received a new generation and has been sold in several countries. But the end of the Nissan Leaf is it close? The model of the Japanese company can not beat the new generation. Who will take his place? Find out more!

The end of the Nissan Leaf
Will the Nissan Leaf be discontinued? See more on this story (Photo: Disclosure / Nissan)

Could the end of the Nissan Leaf come this decade? understand this story

The information is from a specialized website for Car News. According to three sources linked to the portal, a new generation of electric model is out of the Japanese automaker’s plans. it is expected that the end of the Nissan Leaf occur in the middle of the decade. That means the car could be discontinued in the next three or four years.

Nissan Leaf (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

As mentioned above, the first generation was introduced in the year 2010. already Nissan Leaf now it was released in the year 2017. Here in Brazil, this car appeared two years later. The question that remains is: what will happen after the end of Nissan A leaf? The same sources told Motor News that the car will be replaced by a new car.


In this case, this alternative must be a vehicle that is more in line with what today’s electric vehicle customers are looking for in a modern electric vehicle.. There is no exact name for this model yet. Meanwhile, Brian Brockman, a Nissan spokesman, declined to comment on this news.

Remembering that the Nissan model is offered locally Japanin China, in the United States and in England. O Nissan Leaf was introduced at a time when there were not many options for electric vehicles. Today, most of the brands already own such cars and the sales keep growing.

Nissan Leaf (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

The car arrived with great anticipation. The Japanese automaker made an investment, for example, in Smyrnaare available Tennessee.

However, the sales figures for this car were below expectations. In 2012there was an estimate, given by the brand, that spoke 20,000 units of Nissan Leaf sold in the year (in the United States). But the number of births was less than half. At the same time, in 2014total of 30,200 units were sold.

The Chill-Out Concept and the Future of Nissan

The end of the Nissan Leaf
Nissan Chill-Out (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

There is not much information about which car will replace it Nissan Leaf. However, according to the North American publication Motor Trend, this new car can bring several details inspired by Chill-Out concept car, which was introduced last year. In this case, the alternative A leaf it could be an SUV.

This example was given on CMF-EV platform. A new leaf can come with a all-wheel drive system. Version no two engines is also assumed. Remembering that the car of the brand that should be launched in the next few months in some markets is Ariya.

Now, talking about the future, the Japanese company expects to launch 23 new cars equipment and some kind of electricity. Among them, 15 examples will be equipped with a 100% electric motor.

Nissan Leaf in Brazil

The end of the Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

O Nissan Leaf is one of the electric cars sold in Brazil. The car of the Japanese company costs from BRL 293,790. Among its standard equipment, we highlight automatic climate control, eight-inch multimedia center, individual key, electric front windows (one-touch system) and among others.

Here, its main competitors are Peugeot e-208 GT and Fiat 500e. O A leaf It is equipped with an electric motor that provides high power 149 hp and maximum torque of 32.6 kgfm. At the same time, the lithium-ion battery is capable of 40 kWh. Depending on the brand, freedom is from up to 272 km (EPA cycle).

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