the end of Scala and Fabia Combi?

the end of Scala and Fabia Combi?

Skoda has begun its transition with the arrival of the first electronic model which will soon be followed by a coupe version of this Enyaq, a cousin of Volkswagen.3 and ID.4. But Skoda may not be all around, and some cars have suffered from the rise of SUVs in recent years.

The current compact sedan, Scala, would not normally be updated by the end of its operation, by 2025, which would coincide with the end of the life span of Volkswagen Group’s standard A0 platform. It must be remembered that the Scala, although classified as a compact (like the VW Golf or Renault Mégane) is actually an extended city parking lot.

Most shocking, however, will eventually be the abandonment of Fabia Combi, announced by our German counterparts. More compelling rumors when the new Fabia Combi appeared to be on its way to 2022 or 2023.

A very popular car in some markets where station cars are still known (Northern and Eastern Europe), Fabia Combi will not be tracked, Skoda still prefers to invest in its SUVs with more profitable models. It must be said that it also finds itself increasingly competing with models like the more profitable Kamiq.

Kodiaq, Skoda’s best-selling world, leads. The next generation, which will be launched in 2024, will mark an important milestone for Skoda: the ultimate model with combustion engines. Previously, Skoda would have launched a new Superb (in the Combi first, then in the sedan), which, too, would be the last in the heat engine.

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