The electric car was tested after 7 years – that most battery capacity was still available

Kia Soul Electronics: Severe Deficit Diversity: SonYouYou is trying out an electric car again after seven years

Anyone who buys a used electric car has a great deal of uncertainty: How long will the battery last? A recent experiment suggests that you should be wary of cars with older battery technology.

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Well-known Youtuber and electric motor technician Bjørn Nyland tested the Kia Soul for seven years and tested the battery’s condition. as the website “InsideEVs” reports. Results: During the initial 26 to 27 kilowatt hours of energy capacity, 35 percent disappeared due to so-called “breakdown” of battery cells. Stromer frequencies therefore decreased to about 100 kilometers. 17 kilowatt hours of energy were still in use, which equated to an average decline of five percent per year.

The car was only 100,000 miles per hour. For a used diesel or gasoline engine, with regular maintenance, this would not be the mile that engine or car problems would be expected.

Electric car: a minimum distance of 35 percent after 7 years

At least about the old electronic cars, it shows that doubts about battery durability are well-founded. There are also reports of significant performance losses after a few years from the first generation Nissan Leaf. Youtuber Bjørn Nyland is now wondering how developer Kia will receive data. Battery warranty (7 years or 150,000 miles) still applies to Stromer who is about seven years old.

Newer batteries have been upgraded

In a comment on the video, some Kia Soul owners are also reporting a decrease in battery capacity on their vehicles. Therefore, some batteries would be replaced as part of the warranty. How many vehicles have been affected in relation to the total number is still unknown. One factor in battery damage seems to be the number of instantaneous charges, which place a heavy load on the cells – automatic developers recommend reducing the fast charge as a result.

Hydrogen hybrid vehicle with a range of 1,000 km

This was also confirmed by Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi AG, in an interview with “NZZ”: “The system is set up in such a way that you can carry out the fast charge of high performance at all times. However, the customer must decide for himself. as long as it usually charges up to a maximum of 80 %.So the customer may affect the battery life itself. However, such information may be annoying to consumers, as it is a particularly fast charging capability that developers like Audi use to advertise their high-performance electric vehicles.

Customer can “affect service life itself”

Meanwhile, Kia and other electronics manufacturers have upgraded their battery systems, so that similar losses in performance can no longer be observed in current models. However, buyers of used cars should be careful when buying outdated vehicles, as replacing the upgrade can exceed the value of the car’s residue quickly. In any case, before you buy, you should check the car battery status at a special workshop.

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