the driver was stopped by “tactical contact” of the police

the driver was stopped by “tactical contact” of the police

The video, which shows the refusal to comply with the law and the intervention of the police, has been shared many times on social media since Monday.

A car was filmed speeding through the streets of Paris closely followed by a police car. The video, which broadcasts this interesting event, has been viewed thousands of times on social networks. This fact happened last Monday at 9:15 pm, in the Châtelet sector in Paris, similar sources indicate to BFMTV.

The driver refused to stop at the request of the police. They later chased him and called on the radio to warn other patrolmen that they were following a Peugeot car with two men inside.

Two people have been arrested

This car, at the corner of rue Sainte-Honoré and rue Sauval, passes in front of another police car that had heard the call on the radio. It is this car that has been recorded on video chasing a Peugeot.

The speeding driver then brakes suddenly and thus the police car hits him. The Peugeot spins and stops. The police then got out of their car to arrest the two men.

One of the officers is suffering from knee pain. The two cars were damaged while the bags containing white powder were inside the interviewees’ car. An investigation will have to determine if it is drugs.

Video arrests are similar according to Matthieu Valet, spokesman for the Independent Union of Police Commissioners, and “tactical communication”. The latter salutes in a tweet the “expertise” of the police who were able to “stop the madman”.

This method, often used by the British to stop people on motorbikes, is not part of standard practice in France because of the injuries caused by fugitives such as the police.

In 2021, 26,320 refusals were recorded in France, that is, one every 22 minutes on average. This offense endangers the driver, the chasing police and any bystanders.
Police are likely to use their weapon to stop a vehicle if they feel threatened. 201 shootings took place in this situation last year in France, ie 0.76% of cases.

Maxime Brandstaetter with Amaury Tremblay