The destruction of the Brazilian brand “Troller” by the relentless Ford, by Frederico Cortez – Focus.jor

The destruction of the Brazilian brand “Troller” by the relentless Ford, by Frederico Cortez – Focus.jor

Frederico Cortez is a lawyer, partner at Cortez & Gonçalves Advogados Associados. Expert in business law and digital law. Co-founder of MyMarca- Industrial & Intellectual Property startup. Legal consultant and columnist at Focus.jor website since 2017. Author of several articles on LGPD, industrial and intellectual property. Write on Sundays.

Written by Frederico Cortez

The Industrial Property Act is very clear about the exclusion of the owner of a trademark, whether it is a company symbol or a product. The right to use, enjoy and enjoy the trademark identity belongs to whoever first registered it or belongs to its current owner. The latter is achieved by distributing the brand to the recipient, thereby attracting ownership and ownership of the brand. In this concept, a very interesting case happened in Brazil when the national brand Troller was sold to the big Ford in 2007 for R $ 400 million.

Previously, the entire operation of the company in North America depended on the benefits of the tax incentives given by the Federal Government to the part of the manufacturers in the special government of vehicles in the Northeast region, as in the case of the jeep 4 × 4. However, changes were made and in compliance with the instructions of the blue oval brand headquarters in the USA. With that, the Ceará factory was closed and all production of the only off-road organization produced in the country and the characteristics of the car with a short chassis, powered by a diesel engine and with reduced traction 4 × 4, was stopped.

Regardless of the issues in the negotiations between the two companies, what is interesting is how inflexible Ford saw the Troller jeep as a possible competitor in the near term. And you can be sure that this was one of the reasons listed by Ford for the discontinuance of 4 × 4 off-road production in Ceará, as well as the inability to sell the brand and its entire industrial estate to another interested party. company. The goal here was achieved by the American global automobile manufacturer, located in Dearborn, Michigan and founded by Henry Ford in 1903.

According to the database of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the government agency responsible for issuing trademark and patent protection certificates, the Troller brand is now owned by the Ford Motor Company, with its property registration and ownership on of marks. in different classes. In this way, the Troller brand is protected against any unauthorized use by Ford.

As published exclusively by Consider last week, Ford tied a true blind knot for the Troller brand to reappear on the streets and roads of Brazil. According to the press release, the American automaker created an unlikely scenario for the return of the Troller brand. An interesting fact draws attention to the future negotiations of the Troller brand with Ford. If any company or group of investors is interested in restoring the operations of the car factory in the Ceará municipality of Horizonte, the Troller brand cannot be used in new cars, as well as using the Jepinho designer in a new car, and for a new car. the end”the buyer will have to innovate, develop a new design. Manufacturing matrix, molds, will not be sold”, as stated by Maia Jr, head of the Secretariat of Economic Development and Work (Sedet) of Ceará, on the news website.

The construction of the brand is strengthened by its novelty, by bringing new positive experiences to its users. In this concept, the brand Troller aroused the attention of the big Ford. We emphasize that all this is part of the game of corporate business world. Rules were played within four lines of the field. This strategy of destroying a competing brand, which is still growing, and its acquisition by a large company is not new, and is well known by the corporate world. In addition, the creators of the Troller factory and brand achieved their economic success by selling Ford and with a lot of praise.

Life goes on!