The delivery date for the new Ford Mustang has been confirmed, arriving earlier than expected

The delivery date for the new Ford Mustang has been confirmed, arriving earlier than expected

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Although we did not expect it before 2024, the new Ford Mustang finally shows the end of its hood earlier than expected. According to a tweet from the boss of Ford Jim Farley, the seventh generation of the famous horse car must be revealed before the end of 2022. And it is at home that Ford intends to present the new Mustang.

The American muscle car is expected to make its public debut at the Detroit Auto Show on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. “Excited to share the new Mustang with the world,” said Jim Farley in his tweet, who adds that the car is “beautiful”.

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Spying on the new Ford Mustang (2022)Credit Image – Auto Media

At the beginning of 2022, the new Ford Mustang was surprised by our spy photographers. Concealed under heavy camouflage, this model then took part in indoor testing in Dearborn, the American city that hosts the company’s headquarters on the blue oval.

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It is offered in a manual gearbox

Since then, not much else is known about the new Ford Mustang except that the car has been given the internal name S650. According to some of our colleagues, a sports car should always be offered with a V8 engine. Jim Farley’s tweet leaves no doubt: the new Mustang should have a six-speed manual transmission, as the boss of the brand uses the hashtag “#SaveTheManuals” (in English, “save the manual transmissions”).

In short

The Ford Mustang is back for the seventh generation! On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, the new Mustang will be unveiled by Ford live from the auto show in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Quentin Gueroult