The daughter of Babel wearing a beautiful little dress in the heavenly realm

The daughter of Babel wearing a beautiful little dress in the heavenly realm

Best Picture, Cyril Moreau

Summer continues for Stella Belmondo who makes the most of her vacation in Bali, Indonesia where she continues to have a great time. After a trip to Ibiza last July, the youngest of the Belmondo clan left his suitcase in this little corner of the world with his mother Natty in mid-August.

And the least we can say is that the girl is in paradise in Bali. On Wednesday August 24, Stella Belmondo, beautiful in a mini dress of various colors, from the house of Missoni, published some of her photos by the sea in a beautiful setting. What to give escapist wishes to subscribers who did not fail to react. “the best”, “Beauty and class in addition”, “Wonderful picture. This dress is so beautiful”, “Gun-eyed Stella. She’s got a killer look…”, “Your mother, and especially you, Stella, are very beautiful”, we can read among many opinions. Netizens do not care about the charm of a young woman who celebrated her 19th birthday on August 13.

The first season without his famous father

Almost a year ago, on September 6, 2021, Jean-Paul Belmondo left us at the age of 88. His daughter Stella, who was born in the middle of the summer of 2003, will have spent the first summer without her famous father. Over the months, he learned to deal with the shock of her disappearance. In an interview in Gala in September 2021 immediately after …

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