The concept of Genesis X Speedium, the future car of an electric shooting station?

The concept of Genesis X Speedium, the future car of an electric shooting station?

In its journey towards the discovery and distribution of electricity, Genesis plans to add a coupe to its array. The concept of the Start X Speedium Coupe gives us a new perspective on the possible future.

One year after the Genesis X Coupe concept, the high-end Korean brand is back in business. With the addition of the Speedium sect, the electric coupé becomes a hunting station car. At the same time, it probably becomes more desirable.

Luc Donckerwolke’s team takes on the basis of concept, but the details change. So it takes on a new face with two progressive light bands that activate the grille motif armor coat, in a closed version. Signature that should be found soon on production models.

Other changes are made after the B column. The first concept revived the idea of ​​a three-box coupe arranged around a single horizontal line running from the cap to the trunk. Genesis X Speedium preserves this base, but removes the stem in the spirit of a highly coordinated brake shot. The glowing arch is mixed with a double chrome bar that crosses to enhance the light appearance. The line ends at the duck’s tail which brings a touch of change especially when connected to the extended enclosures. Overall, this coupe manifests itself particularly in the straightforwardness of its lines. Aside from the signature of the two bars, the archi is located. Up to the rims.

Not necessarily without a future

In theory, this concept is electric. In theory, because Genesis communicates completely there is no data on this subject. The concept of X Speedium is more than just a fashion item. On the other hand, the duo concept announces a future electric coupé. He will be the standard carrier.

So, a standard 2-door coupe or a hunting station car? Which would be your preference? What if the next concept was to be reversed?

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