The concept of AMC AM Van (1977): A remarkable study of the 70’s

The concept of AMC AM Van (1977): A remarkable study of the 70’s

This car does not run, it is just a show car. The American car company, which discovered AMC Pacer and Jeep Cherokee, toured seven cities with this study. Two doors did not enter production.

By AM Van Concept, the American Car Corporation (AMC) showed in 1977 how they thought of a small car. The now-defunct brand, known to foreign cars such as Pacer and Javelin, was one of the most innovative car manufacturers in Detroit and developed precision products such as the Eagle crossover and successful designs such as the founding SUV Cherokee SUV.

Concepts of the oil crisis

Under the influence of the 1973 oil crisis, AMC boss Roy Chapin sought new ideas. He thought that American car buyers would buy smaller and less fuel-efficient cars, but he did not want to give up design and comfort. For example, the AMC Pacer was born, a compact 4.35-meter-long compact and 1.95-meter wide with two doors of different heights, an elegant interior and a back that resembles an aquarium. Awesome car, but not a good model and not economical with a big engine.

Show car without engine

RM Sotheby’s

The design of a single base box and features of an off-road vehicle such as side pipes.

AMC architect Richard Teague, who was involved with Spear and AMX, among other things, drew six subjects under the heading “Concept 80”, which AMC visited seven cities in 1977. These included compact hatchbacks, a miniature Willys Jeep, a car electric and small van.

This AM van is still stored. RM Sotheby’s puts it on sale – but does not quote the price. Research cannot be run. It’s just for show. Previously, the car was on display at several exhibitions, including the Gilmore Car Museum Museum, which has 400 cars and motorcycles and a 1941 restored diner between Detroit and Lake Michigan.

Two-door car

The AM van has no engine. The stickers indicate what is intended: a turbocharged engine and an all-wheel drive. Like peripheral tubes, chrome and fuel wheels, it may have come from a car parked off the road. The proposed design of one box, on the other hand, looks forward. It is certainly not uncommon for a car that the study has only two doors. Two more doors – or flaps are at the back.


It’s exciting how AMC imagined the future: But it seems the company did not see the car market which seemed to be obsessed with oil tires and side pipes and looked attractive from the front with a sharp nose, small headlights and glass. front panel.

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