The Civil Police turns the Porsche into a symbol of action against organized crime Jornal da Manhã

The Civil Police turns the Porsche into a symbol of action against organized crime Jornal da Manhã

There are no names
“I am not a puppet and I believe there are no puppets here (those who vote ‘everyone wants’)” – said Eloísio, in the session, without naming any of those who were against voting, a real example.

“No one should come to us with this speech thinking it will change our opinion” – emphasized the councilor pastor, continuing further: “Getting here, saying that we are bringing a deadlock (due to the non-acceptance of a regular vote) is an insult to the Parliament.”

Immediately after
His speech took place shortly after his colleague Túlio Micheli and prosecutor André Tuma spoke in defense of the unusual vote. Túlio added a little fuel to the fire started by the Executive by saying that the Government itself said that the PL followed the MP’s recommendations.

Councilor Rochelle responded as expected when she learned from the column that doctors have proposed legislation to protect pregnant women and pregnant women who are victims of maternal violence. He will look for a commission created by them and commit to any changes to the text.

a new meeting
Obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, doctors of other specialties and university representatives will meet again on Monday for a new round of discussions on the law and its possible negative effects.

Health plan
The Secretary of Administration has been working with the possibility of extending for at least another 12 months the health plan of public servants who have a contract with Unimed. That’s what secretary Eclair Gonçalves admits.

The reason
The extension of the contract is based on a series of situations that affected health due to this epidemic. Next week, Eclair will talk about it with Mayor Elisa for a chance.

buy time
More time is needed to analyze the resulting effects (from the epidemic) and his thoughts on health plans, as experts suggest. In any case, SAD continues to prepare the tender notice to be submitted to ProGer.

it will stop
Truck drivers and vanzeiros promise to close Filomena Cartafina, because “we can no longer tolerate the bad traffic conditions on that route”. Criticizing the State House and the City, one of them asked: “Are you waiting for someone to die(?)”.

warning sign
This Friday there was a closure of part of the road as a warning.

special prison
Next Wednesday, the STF will decide whether the special prison for people with higher education is constitutional, before the final judgment.

In the bag
Three Health Surveillance inspectors suspected of leaking information about the PC’s operation against the meat smuggling trade are being investigated in the investigation. The PC accepts, however, the possibility of examining them in a parallel investigation.

It is that cases of misconduct, even at the level of suspicion, must be investigated by the Police Anti-Corruption Center, created by Police Chief Felipe Colombari for this purpose. And for activities in the Southern Triangle.

under analysis
Mobile phones seized in recent Civil Police operations are still being examined by experts. Their memories can be decisive in the direction of the investigation.

Head up
The minor criticism directed at the appointment of Glauco Braz as deputy secretary of SeGov does not affect the lawyer. His response was to say that he felt motivated to work even harder.

To do what?
“A prestigious lobbyist” from Banco Latino-Americano has been visiting City Hall for several months – said vice mayor Moacyr Lopes this week.

The main plan
ProGer sent to federal judge Cláudia Salge the information he requested about the bidding process that initiated the contracting of the company for the revision of the Master Plan.

The competition model (electronic auction) was opposed by the Council of Architecture and Urbanism. The contract remains suspended.

monkey pox
The number of suspected monkeys in Uberaba increased to four. The information is from the Municipal Health Department. The 4th case was reported this Friday and three more patients continue to observe the quarantine period. All four are men.

purchase of land
The National Land Credit Program Terra Brasil was officially launched in Uberaba, in a ceremony at the office of Elisa Araújo. Funding will include rural workers interested in owning land and producing.

They will be able to take up to R$ 174.2,000 to pay in 25 years, with a grace period of 3, at an interest rate of 2.5% per year. Interested parties will be able to search Sagri from Monday to register.

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