The Civil Police arrest a Porsche in an operation against a group that runs drug “shops”.

The Civil Police arrest a Porsche in an operation against a group that runs drug “shops”.

On Tuesday morning, the Civil Police launched an operation against a group that operates in Vale do Rio dos Sinos and maintains centers for the sale of drugs called “small shops”. A Porsche Cayenne car, used by an associate of the leader of a criminal organization to collect money from drug trafficking, was seized in an operation carried out by the Police Center for the Suppression of Organized Crime (Draco) of São Leopoldo, under the command of police chief Ayrton Figueiredo Martins Júnior. The leader is in the prison system.

Five people were arrested. Three pistols, two caliber 9mm and one caliber 635, a replica rifle, a simulacrum of a pistol, ammunition, half a kilo of crack, a vest cover, around BRL 5,000 in cash and mobile phones were also collected.

12 search and seizure warrants were executed in the neighborhoods of São Miguel and Feitoria, in São Leopoldo, as well as Novo Hamburgo and Sapucaia do Sul.

The investigation has been taking place since the beginning of this year, especially in the neighborhood of São Miguel, in São Leopoldo. Drug selling sites known as “Loja Narcos Charrua”, were advertised on the search engine. Low-income condominiums were also used to store the group’s drugs and weapons. “One of the people we arrested was one of the members of the condominium. He had rented his own house to smoke. Now he was living in Novo Hamburgo”, said the delegate Ayrton Figueiredo Martins Júnior.

As a result of arrests and seizures of drugs during investigative work, traffickers adopted increasingly manipulative behaviors to try to evade police action. At the same time, the residents near the places where drugs are sold were embarrassed by the presence of armed people on public roads. The criminals looked at anyone on public roads, whether on foot or in a car. Complaints even mean beatings.

The operation that started this morning was called Charrua and was supported by the 3rd Police Station of the Interior (DPRI 3), coordinated by member Eduardo Hartz. The targets were the main points of the drug trade and hideouts. More than 70 civilian police were mobilized.

“Little shop” used as part of drug sales Photo: PC / Disclosure / CP

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