The browser is experiencing a zero day error, quickly install the latest update

The browser is experiencing a zero day error, quickly install the latest update

Google has launched an unexpected update to its Chrome browser. Fixes a zero-day WebRTC error that could endanger your devices and data.

Credit: Google

Google has promptly submitted a new security patch to counter the CVE-2022-2294 threat. This is’a very high risk of zero day that may have already been used by hackers. So this is the fourth emergency patch sent to zero day defects on Google Chrome since the beginning of the year.

This type of error has increased in recent years. Indeed, Google had detected a 58-day deficit for the whole year, that is, twice the year 2020. Remember, these are squad unknown weaknesses in builders, which hackers can use until they are patched. So there is a merciless battle between hackers and cybersecurity experts, who will find these famous flaws of zero day first.

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Google Chrome is no longer secure, you must install the update immediately

To eliminate this defect, Google immediately began releasing version 103.0.5060.114, which is now available on the Solid Workplace Channel around the world. However, some users may wait a few days to receive the update, as it has not been sent immediately to all users.

To protect your browser and your personal data, it is quickly install a new patch, since the zero day defect is fully utilized by hackers. You can now check to see if the latest version of Google Chrome is available by clicking on the three buttons in the upper right corner, then inside. Help> about Google Chrome.

In this menu, the browser will automatically check for new updates and install them automatically. However, you will need to make sure restart the browser for the adjustment to apply. Seeing Google act quickly to correct flaws is good news that should allow a faster browser to maintain its leading market position.