The big fall of the rider of the Tour de France under the car!

The big fall of the rider of the Tour de France under the car!

This Wednesday, the Tour de France Women completed its fourth stage between Troyes and Bar-Sur-Aube. A stage of events marked by the spectacular fall of one of the general’s leaders.

In fact, this first edition of the Tour de France Women is currently under the sign of autumn. The number of fights continues to increase gradually and yesterday was Spaniard Mavi Garcia to form Team UAE ADQ who had a bad day.

Indeed, the Spanish champion was first burned in the dirt. It was at this time that he caused a competitor to fall by changing his bike.

But the mess didn’t end there. Oh no The Spanish runner then gave himself a big scare when riding between cars. A surprising fall but luckily not a big one.

It didn’t go far

After speaking with his sports director, Mavi Garcia returned to join the peloton. Just here, when passing in front of his car, The Spaniard was not careful enough and hit the front bumper with his rear wheel.

This collision inevitably sent the rider down, just ahead of his team car. But luckily, the driver managed to apply the brakes very quickly and so, not run over the leader of his team …

Finally he was even able to return to the road a few seconds later but there is no doubt that the results of this day will trip the Spaniard to his favorite place, the mountains…

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