The best selling car is not what you think

The best selling car is not what you think

What do you think is the best selling car in the world? Wait a moment, because the answer may surprise you.

If we ask you to give us the name of the best-selling car in the world, what will you say? There is a good chance that you will mention the Volkswagen Polo, Tesla Model 3 or even Wuling Hongguang Mini EVwhich was previously the most registered model on the planet.

Well, whatever you say, you’d be wrong. Yes, it may sound strange but it is true. And don’t look for the official sales figures of various manufacturers to check, because you won’t find the answer. Indeed, the world’s best-selling car is a bit special, and it doesn’t even have an engine. And no, not a bicycle or a motorcycle, but a real car, with four wheels and a steering wheel. But then, how is this possible? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the details!

A wonderful example!

In fact, the most popular car with customers around the world is Coupe Coupe. Not a small Chinese car or a fancy Japanese sports car, but a plastic car. Yes, you read that right. And you probably even climbed into it when you were five years old. Produced since 1979, the minivan was in the early 1990s the best-selling car in the United States according to the Smithsonian Institution. According to the New York Times, more copies were sold than the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus, two successful models of the time. In Australia too, the model was the best seller in the country. Absolutely amazing!

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Lots of progress

This amazing little car has gone through many evolutions during its career, while it is still in production today. At first, it adopted a classic form, without really being a concept. Then it will be necessary to wait a few decades for the eyes to appear, and make the car even more. Today, it features more rounded lines and larger eyes, which appeal to children around the world. Beautiful success story which is still a long way off!

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